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"Scattered" (Official Music Video) (MC Therapist) (Planet X Records) (UNDERGROUND HIP HOP)

Scattered is the 4th actual video release off of MC Therapist's debut album The New World Disorder . The video was created entirely by T.D. Hoople . The track is produced by Anno Domini , recorded and mixed at MSound Studios by John DiGiacomo aka J. Brix and mastered by Trilian . The album "The New World Disorder" can be purchased for digital download at . #PlanetXRecords #TheNewWorldDisorder #PhillyHipHop

 Planet X Records Presents: "Scattered" The Official Music Video from PXR Philly chapter artist "MC Therapist"

Scattered is the 4th actual video release off of MC Therapist's debut album The New World Disorder . The video was created entirely by T.D. Hoople . The track is produced by Anno Domini , recorded and mixed at MSound Studios by John DiGiacomo aka J. Brix and mastered by Trilian .

The album "The New World Disorder" can be purchased for digital download at

#PlanetXRecords #TheNewWorldDisorder #PhillyHipHop

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Ungovernable Resistance Darth Jedi Metal edition now on air featuring: DM, Thrash, Doom, & more!

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Interview with Nightbreed done by Patrick done on 8-22-15‏

Here  is  a   new  interview  with  Greece's  Nightbreed  who  has  just released their  Self-titled debut cd  through  the  mighty  Witches Brew.Anyone  who  is  into  thrash  metal with  some  traditional  heavy  metal  influences  should  defintly   give this  band  a  shot  today

Interview  with  Nightbreed  done  by   Patrick

1.Hello  when  did  you  all meet  each  other? Was  it  long  before  you  all  formed  Nightbreed? How  did  you  all  come  up  with the  name  of  the  band?

Hi there, we all somehow knew each other a long way back when most of us played in other bands, at first the band was formed by George Nyalathotep on drums and Alex G on the bass alongside with sofia on guitars and Ntinos from Released Anger on vocals. After a while George carahito came on to complete the first line up. We all ended up with that name because of our common taste in films and the same thematology of violence and gore in our lyrics.

2.What  is  the  current  line up  of  Nightbreed ?For  the  readers  who  have  never  heard  the  bands  music  how  would you  best  describe  it?

The current line up was formed a little while after sofia left the guitars and Stelios came. After we finished the recordings for our "From Yuggoth" EP Ntinos left the band for personal reasons so Nir took up his place on the hellish vocals. So our current line up is: George nyalathotep on drums, Alex G on bass, Stelios and George carahito on the guitars and Nir on growling/spit on your grave vocals. Our music is pure thrash nothing more nothing less.

3.Nightbreed   has  just  released  their  self-titled  debut  cd  through  the  mighty  Witches  Brew  rec.  how  did  the  band  come  in  contact  with  this  great  label?

After we where finished with the recordings of our first album we began to search for a label to distribute it. We contacted with Witches Brew cause we heard only good words about them and we can also confirm that because we were treated with respect.
They truly are big supporters of the underground scene!

4.How  long  did  it  take to  write  and  record  the  songs  on the  debut?Does  the  whole  band  work  on  the  music  or  does  one  member   usually  write  everything?

The songwriting didn't take a long time but the recordings took a while to finish, as long as we had some changes in the line up. We all contribute in songwriting.

5.Who   usually  takes  care  of the  lyrics  for the  band? What  are some  topics/subjects  you  all  write  about?

Usually the lyrics are taken care of by George carahito as we all feel the we can't express the sickness of the human mind better than him!

6.Besides  the  self-titled  debut  does  Nightbreed   have  any  other  merchandise  available  for the  fans?

We have also self distributed the EP "From Yuggoth".

7.Does   Nightbreed    play  "live"  very  often?Where  have  been  some  of your  most  memorable  shows  played?

For sure we haven't played live as often as we have wanted to but we take any chance to play. We think the most memorable shows have been in Kuttaro in athens alongside with many friends and bands.

8.Who  are  some  bands  Nightbreed has  had the  pleasure  to  share the  stage  with?Are  their  any  upcoming  shows  or  small tours  that  the  fans  should  watch  out  for?

Bands that we have shared the stage with are mainly from the greek scene and some of them are Convixion, Steamroller assault, Demolition train and many other great bands.
We are truly happy to announce that we are already booked for a show with Enforcer in December here in athens and in April 2016 in Taunus Festival in Germany alongside the speedgods Iron fucking angel.

9.Nightbreed   comes  out  of the  mighty  greek  metal scene   what  is  your  opinion  of  the  scene  in  Greece?

The scene here in Greece is sick, in a good way and is getting sicker and sicker. And that's because we all are truly metal fans.

10.Who  are  some  of your  all-time  favorite  greek  bands? Are their  any  new  bands  you  feel  the  readers  should  watch  out  for?

Everyone from the band could respond a little bit different. I think Flames, Rotting christ, thou art lord, released anger. New bands that anyone should hear are Sacral rage, Convixion, Demolition train and many others.

11.In  your  opinion  what  is the  best  and  worst  thing  about  the  metal  scene  today?And  what  does  the  term  underground  metal  mean  to  you?

The best thing is that new bands keep popping up and they keep the underground alive. As always the worst thing that happens is the rumors, the backstabbing and all the shit some bands pull to show off. These posers don't deserve to live. Underground is the birthplace for any band today from the great bands of the past to the newcomers in the future. This is where it  all begins!

12.Thank  you   for   taking  the time  to  fill  this   interview   out.Do  you  have  any   final  comments  for  the  readers?

Support the bands you like so they can keep recording, touring and do what they do best: THRASH TILL DEATH!

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Interview with Abhorrent Deformity done by Patrick on 8-17-15

Metal  Regards
Here  is  a brand  new   interview  with  North Carolina's  brutal death  metal  band  "Abhorrent   Deformity"  that  is  getting ready to  release  their  debut  cd  "Entity  Of  Malevolence" through  Comatose  music.If you  are  a fan  of  brutal  death  metal  then  be  sure to  give this  band  a  listen.

Interview   with  Mark  vocalist  and Dave  bassist for  Abhorrent  Deformity   done by    Patrick

1.Hello  Mark  and  Dave  how  are things  going  with  you  all?  Please  introduce  yourselves  to  the  readers?
Mark: Hey, My name is Mark. I do vocals in Abhorrent Deformity and I like long walks to the grocery store.

Dave: My name is Dave, I’m the bass player and I like long walks to the grocery store too! Well, that is if by long walks you mean driving, and by grocery store you mean liquor store.       

2.When  did  you  all  first  meet? When  did  you  all get  the   idea  to  form   "Abhorrent  Deformity"?  

Mark: I actually met Dave at an Abhorrent show, they were playing with some old friends of mine. I had known Matt for a while as my old band, Labyrinthe played with his old band on a few occasions.

Dave: Abhorrent Deformity was formed in 2013 by Matt (drums), Blake (ex-guitar), and Justin (ex-vocals).  When I first met them it was at a show, and they were performing as a 3 piece band.  Up until that point they had been without a bass player.  I joined the band a few days later, and the rest is history.  I met Jason at a show that we played in South Carolina with his band Labyrinthe.  Later that week I met Mark at a show we were playing in North Carolina.       
3.What   is  the   current   line up  for  the  band? For  the  readers  who  have  never  heard    Abhorrent  Deformity   how  would  you  best describe  the  music?

Mark: Our current line up is a 4 piece, Dave plays bass, Jason plays guitar, Matt plays drums and as I’ve mentioned I do those vocals thingies over the music haha. I think Dave could answer how to describe our sound better than I could.

Dave: We’re an East Coast brutal death metal band that isn’t afraid to use diversity in regards to vocal ranges.  Our music is aggressive, dark, fast paced, and will kick you in the teeth.  We focus more on brutality and raw emotion than we do on melodies.        
4.Abhorrent  Deformity   is  getting  ready  to  release  their  debut  cd   "Entity Of   Malevolence"  through   Comatose  music  how  did  you  all  come  in  contact  with  this  great  label?
Dave:  We practice in the same place that Lust of Decay and Atrocious Abnormality use, so that was a huge help.  Steve (Comatose Music) would hear our music all of the time, and he liked what he heard.    

5.Does  the  whole  band  work  on  writing the  music  or  does  one  member  usually  write  everything? Who   usually  writes  the  lyrics  for  the  band? What  are some topics/subjects  you  all  write  about?
Mark: I tend to write the lyrics on my own, while having nothing to contribute to the musical structure itself. I do not play an instrument so I personally like to let the chefs cook up the tunes and I’ll enjoy them when they are presented.
Dave: The band writes all of the music, it’s a group effort.  An idea will be shared at practice, and then we all get to work by adding our own pieces to the mix.  As for the topics that Mark covers for lyrics- he tends to write about gore, horror, and religion.  
6.Are  there  any  tours   or  shows  coming  up  in  the  future  for  the  release  of   "Entity Of   Malevolence"?
Mark: With the release of Entity, we have NY deathfest coming up in Oct, we have a cd release show at our home venue (Ground Zero in Spartanburg, SC) and we have a string of shows covering NC/SC/GA for the cd release. We plan on touching base around surrounding dates after the holidays.

Dave: We will be playing as many shows as we can to promote our album’s release, but a lot of that will be done early next year.  Matt, Mark and I are all in college right now, so that keeps us from being able to go on extended tours (for the time being)  We plan on booking a lot of East Coast dates and hoping on as many festivals as possible.   
7.What   have  been  some  of  your  most  memorable  shows to  date? Who  are  some  bands  you   have  had the  pleasure to  share  the  stage  with?

Mark: As a band, I think one of our most enjoyable shows was at an MMA studio. We were fortunately to play a mix genre shows there and with a ton of personal friends of mine. It was a good time.

Dave: That show at the MMA studio was awesome! That was the first time I had ever played a show inside of a steel cage.  We’ve shared the stage with Machinist!, Lust of Decay, and Coathanger Abortion.  Later this year we will also be playing with Dehumanized, Dead Infection, and Gutalax.
8.Besides  the  new  cd   "Entity Of   Malevolence"  does  Abhorrent  Deformity    have  any  other  merchandise  available  for  the  readers?

Mark: Currently we have 4 shirt options in the store, 2 logo shirts, a poster, a sticker, a black and white…almost Black Metal/KVLT looking witch shirt and our “Manifested Filth” shirt. In a few weeks we will have the CD available for pre-order since the release date is Oct 30th. Along with the cd preorder we will have a 4 brand new, unseen designs for pre-order. We will also have patches. I know Dave and I are very stoked on the patches.
9.In  your   opinions  what  does  Underground  Metal  mean to you?

Mark: I’d like to keep my opinion simple and vague. Underground Metal is about passion and the love of the music. 

Dave: I always consider Underground Metal to be music that the musicians are truly passionate about. Most bands in the underground scene play music because they enjoy it, not because it pays their bills. It’s not about how many albums you sell (although it’s not a bad thing if your album sells well) but it’s about doing what you want to do.
10.Mark  you  handle  the  vocals for the  band  when  did you  start  growling? Do  you  do  anything  special  to   keep  your  voice and throat  healthy?

Mark: I started doing vocals around 2004. I wanted to be in a band, I can not sing a note and around this time scream started becoming popular due to myspace. I discovered Lamb of God, Atreyu, Killwhitneydead and really bonded with their vocals and lyrical content. I listened to other band like Deicide and Cradle of Filth for a few years prior and as much as I enjoy those bands, even to this day they did not speak to me the way those 3 bands did. With the topic of vocal/throat maintenance, I really don’t do too much. I practice screaming here and there, I typically to pop or indie songs. I practice speed to rap songs that I know the lyrics to. I’m a big believer in being on time, in pattern and have strong enunciation.
11.Who  are  some  of your  influences and favorite  vocalist?  Do  you  currently  play  any  other    instruments?

Mark: I’m really influenced by a lot of pop, rap, indie and some death metal bands. I love lyrical content, vocal range and delivery. Some vocalists I love are Nate Ruess of the Format/Fun, John Mayer, Michael Buble haha but with screaming I love Randy Blythe, Tyler from My Bitter End, I dig Johnny from Dark Sermon, I think that dude is gold. I’m also fond of Matt from Killwhitneydead and this old random band from NC called Your Name in Vain, they were an emo/screamo band but their front man was so sick. I mainly scream, I can get by on drums mainly rock stuff but I really don’t mess with it that often since I no longer own a kit.
12.Dave  you   handle  the   bass  duties   when  did you  get  interested  in  playing  the  bass?Who  are  some  of your   influences/favorite  bassist?
Dave: Well, if I went back in time and saw my younger self, I would probably get kicked in the nuts for “being a bassist.” I was originally a guitarist that also owned a bass. I would just sit at home, write and record my own music, and that was that. One day some of my friends approached me to fill in for their band because their bassist had quit, so I agreed.  I had never intended on becoming a bassist, it just sort of happened. I’m glad that it did though, because I stand out more as a bassist than I ever did as a guitarist.  I’ve developed my own style of playing, and I have a very unique tone. So, as for my influences- the biggest influence I’ve had is Christopher Arp (Guitarist of Psyopus.) His “Exploding Fingers” and “FUCT Theory” have really helped for me to develop my style of playing.  My favorite bassists are Alex Webster (Cannibal Corpse), Mike Flores (Origin), and Ivan Munguia (Brain Drill).                  
13.Besides  playing  in   Abhorrent  Deformity    do  any  of the   members  currently  work  with  any  other  bands? If  yes  please  tell the  readers  about  them?
Mark: I don’t do much other musically, I do on the other hand do graphic design work for other bands. I drew our cd release shirts, have done some shirts for some wrestling promotions and area bands. If anyone is interested in checking out my stuff just search “Landmind Design” on facebook and it should pop up!
Dave: Matt was the drummer for Kraanium’s newest album, Jason is doing vocals for a local band called Tidemaker, and right now I’m learning Lust of Decay’s material to be a fill-in member for a couple of shows here and there.   
14.Other  than  writing and  playing  music  what  are  some  of your  hobbies and  interest  outside   of  the  band?

Mark: I really enjoy pro wrestling, I love Ring of Honor, PWG and CZW. I tend to go to a lot of indy events around the Charlotte area, usually a company called PWX. I go to a lot of indie rock shows, I went to one the other night to see some friends in Brave Baby and Susto. I enjoy drawing, biking, hiking, cooking, love thrifting, also I love going to musicals and seeing plays. The things that happen when you are raised by a single mother, am I right?

Dave: I like hunting, hiking, mountain climbing, rafting, and pretty much anything else that involves the outdoors. I'm also really into drinking craft beers and I'm a comic nerd. I've been collecting and reading comics for years. 
15.Besides  music   all  of  us  at  Ungovernable  Resistance  are  big  movie  buffs.  Do  you  all enjoy  watching  movies?  What  are  some  of your  all-time  favorite  movies?

Mark: I’m really out of the loop with current movies, I’ll catch one here or there. I do love Jerry Maguire, any of the Muppets movies, I love to watch romantic comedies – like You’ve Got Mail, Dirty Dancing, also loved the Brat pack movies and those Kevin Smith movies….minus Jersey Girl. Sorry that movie was lame.

Dave: I’m a huge fan of Kevin Smith’s movies (minus Jersey Girl and Tusk) I’m flying out to Texas next weekend to see him and Ralph Garman during one of their recordings of Hollywood Babble-On.  For my all time favorite movies, I would have to say the original Star Wars Trilogy, the Evil Dead Trilogy, and Ghostbusters.
16.Do  you  all have  any  favorite  actors  and  actresses? 

Mark: I really like Lexi Belle, August Ames and Dillion Harper but I think we may be talking about different kinds of movies. Seriously though, Tom Hanks, Kevin Spacey are awesome. Emma Stone is a babe.

Dave: The first three that Mark mentioned don’t have anything on Alexis Texas. His judgement is a little off because he lost his Man Card answering the last question.  I mean, seriously, You’ve Got Mail?  Lame... To answer the question though, Bruce Campbell, Bill Murray, and Jason Mewes are my favorite actors.  Emma Stone, Emma Watson, and Jennifer Lawrence are my favorite actresses.    
17.Thank  you  Mark  and  Dave   for  taking  the  time  to  fill  this  interview  out.Do  you   have  any  final  comments  for  the  readers?

Mark: Thanks for having us out, Don’t forget to check out our lyric video for Baptized in Embalming Fluid on youtube. ( Our cd comes out Oct 30th via Comatose Music. Check us out on facebook, Instagram and twitter. Hopefully we will see you guys soon.

Dave: Thanks for having us Patrick!  It was great talking with you! Like Mark said, our album will be out on October 30th, and make sure to also check us out on Reverbnation, Soundcloud, and YouTube! Stay brutal!   

Interview with Ohio's Ton done by Patrick on 8-17-15

Here  is  a   new  interview  with  the  Ohio  death  metal  band  Ton  who  recently  released  their   newest  cd  "Bow Down To  Extiction"  through  the  mighty  Ossuary Prod.   If   you  are  a  fan  of  this  long-running  death  metal  band  then  defintly  give  their  new  cd  a   listen.

Interview  with  Dan G.  Guitarist   of  Ton  and  owner  of  Iron  Gates  Entertainment  done  by  Patrick

1. Hello  Dan  how  is  your  summer  going?When  did  you  first  discover  metal  music?Who  were  some  of  the  first  bands you  listened  to?

Summer has been going great. I discovered metal in the eighties. I was in high school in the mid and late eighties. That was when a lot of the great thrash bands were active. I was into all the classic thrash bands. Metallica, Slayer, Dark Angel, Death Angel, Exodus, Vio-Lence, Suicidal Tendencies, DRI, Sepultura, Nuclear Assault. Anything that was heavy none of that glam shit.

2.Ton   originally  formed  in  1993   when  did  you  first  meet  the  other  members  of  the  band? How  did  you  all come  up  with the  name  Ton  for the  band?
Kevin and I went to high school together. We weren't really friends then because he was a couple years younger than I am. I met Jeff in about 1990 I think. His cousin gave him my phone number because she knew that I played guitar and Jeff was looking for someone to jam with. Jeff and I started jamming together and played with another drummer for a while. Just by chance I ran into Kevin and he was looking for some new people to play with. Kevin had a practice spot so the 3 of us got together. Very shortly after that Paul Bennett started playing with us too. We knew Paul from another local band and Jeff and I also played with him for a short time before TON. We called ourselves TON just because it sounded heavy. We weren't really a death metal band when we started we just wanted to play heavy music.

3.Why  did  ton  break up  in the first  place?  did you  all stay  in  contact  with  each  other?

 In late 2000 and early 2001 I guess there was a little tension between us and we lost focus of what was important. Having fun is the most important thing. I have been playing with Kevin pretty much non stop since 1993. We had several different bands over the years. Jeff formed Fully Consumed in 2003, I think. He has played in FC since then. Jeff played bass in a couple of the bands that Kevin and I had and I later joined Fully Consumed. After our Blind Follower/Point Of View cd was re-released by Fresh Blood Management we decided to reform. The 3 of us were playing together already in another band anyway. We got a lot of positive feedback after the re-release so we decided to give it another go.

4.Ton  reformed  in 2014  what made  you  all decide to  give  ton  another  chance? How  has  it  been  going  so  far?

 With the positive feedback we were getting I guess we just felt the time was right. We started learning some old songs and writing some new ones. It just felt great to do it again and we were having a lot of fun. Things have ben going great. We signed with Ossuary Industries when we only had about half of the songs written for the cd. That really motivated us to keep writing. To have a great label behind us and the opportunity to do our cd release at the Las Vegas Death Fest was such an amazing experience. We have played quite a few shows already and plan to do plenty more. We have a couple of big fests booked for 2016.

5.What  is  the  current  line-up  of  Ton? How  would   you  say  Ton's  music  has  changed  over  the  years?

Jeff Shepler-Bass/Vocals, Kevin Kraft-Drums/Vocals, Dan Gates-Guitar/Vocals and Paul Bennett is working on songs to rejoin the band. All 4 original members and its awesome. I really look forward to stepping on stage with Paul being back in the band. Paul left the band in about 1998 so we did shows for a few years without him and to this point we have been a 3 piece. Paul should be ready by the end of the year or the first of next year.

6.Ton  recently  released  their   new  cd  "Bow Down To  Extinction"  through  Ossuary   Prod.  how  did  you  all  come  in  contact  with  this  great  label?
I was talking to Chris Williams on the phone and mentioned that we hoped to get a label to release it. He hung up with me called Brian from Ossuary Industries and asked him if he was interested in releasing our new cd. He said yeas and he was completely on board with doing the release in Vegas. We had a few labels express interest but Brian was the first to actually send us a contract and tell us exactly what he intended to do. We are very happy to be a part of the Ossuary Industries family.
7.Who   usually  writes  the  music  for the  band  does the whole  band take  part  or does  one member  usually  write everything?
 It is a group effort. Jeff and I write the riffs and start getting an arrangement together. Obviously Kevin writes his drum parts and he also contributes arrangement ideas. Once Paul is back in he will be contributing too. We put everyones ideas into the songs instead of each of us writing complete songs.

8.Who   usually  writes  the  lyrics  for  the   band  I  know  even  back  in the  90's  you  all wrote about  real-life  news  or  situations. Wheat  are some topics/subjects  you  all  have  covered  over  the  years?
 Jeff writes the lyrics. He has always been very good at it and always has good ideas. The lyrical topics are still pretty much real life stuff. We've written about everything from greedy politicians, suicide, execution of a child molester and lots of other stuff.
9.Does  Ton  have  any  plans  to  make  a  video  for  any  song{s}  off  of     "Bow Down To  Extinction"?
 We would like to make a video. We tried a while ago but it didn't work out. Hopefuly sometime soon we can make that happen.

10.I  know  the  band  has  played  some  fests  and  shows  over  the  summer  how  have  the  shows  gone? Any  wild  or  crazy  stories  from the  road?
Vegas was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. We had a total blast and the show was amazing. While in Vegas we got stuck in a hotel stairwell briefly with Jimmy Javins, Bob Buchanan, Dylan Gordon and John Blose. After we got out we started thinking about how many Ohio bands we were all in and how a good portion of Ohio Death Metal could have died in that hot stairwell. Seriously though we weren't really near death but it was funny to think about because the guys in that stairwell were members of about 8 or 9 Ohio bands. Of course there are a few stories that are gonna have to stay in Vegas.

11.Do  you  all  have  any  tours  or  shows  coming  up  for  the rest of the  summer  or  fall/winter? If  yes  where are  some  places  you  will  be  heading  to?

 We will be Playing Full Terror Assault in September, we have one local show with Necrotic Disgorgement in   October and we are playing the South Jersey Metalfest in December. We will be playing Foothills Gutfest in Colorado and one other big fest we can't mention yet next year. I'm sure we'll be lining more stuff up too.

12.Besides  the  new  cd   "Bow Down To  Extinction"  does  Ton  have  any  other  merchandise  available  for  the  fans?

 Yes we have shirts, hoodies and our previous releases available at We will have album art shirts available very soon. They might be done by the time this is published

13.Dan  besides Ton  you  also   own  and  run  the  distro/label   "Iron  Gates  Entertainment"  when  did  you  start  this label?

I basically started it because was trading our previous releases and I knew that I would be trading the new cd too. I figured since I would be accumulating other releases i should start a distro. I did do a joint release with Fresh Blood Management. We released the new cd from Indonesian Death Metal band Obeisance. I was selling guitar strings and guitar related stuff but I'm pretty much done with that. Just going to deal with Metal.

14.What  have  you   released  so  far?Any  upcoming  releases the  fans  should  watch  out  for?

 Like I said I did the joint release with Fresh Blood Management. I am thinking about releasing an ep from another project that Kevin and I are working on. We had a band called National Collapse that we played in together for a few years. I wrote a few new songs and may re-record a couple of the old ones.

15.If   any  bands  or  labels  are  reading  this  what  styles  of  metal/music  do  you  carry  in your  distro  just death  metal  or  do  you  carry  other  styles as  well?Where  can  they reach  you  at? Do you  have  a web-site?

 Pretty much just Death Metal right now but I'm open to anything as long as it's heavy. You can see whats for sale at and look us up on Facebook at irongatesentertainment

16.Thank  you  Dan  for  taking  the   time  to  fill  this  interview  out  do you   have  any  final  words  for  the   readers?

 Thank you very much for the constant support. We appreciate you helping us get the word out about TON and our new release. Check us out and support Ossuary Industries.


Ungovernable Resistance Darth Jedi Metal edition now on air on Brutal Existence Radio!

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Ungovernable Resistance Darth Jedi Metal edition today on Brutal Existence Radio!

Featured today: DM, Thrash, Death/Doom, Old School DM, Doom, Brutal DM, Blues, & more!

Tune in every Jedi Monday on @ 6pm-10pm UK/7pm-11pm Euro/9pm-1am Russia/1pm-5pm Eastern (US)/2pm-6pm South America (Bra)/2am-6am Australia (West Coast).

Saturday, 15 August 2015


Ungovernable Resistance Stressed Out Punk/HC edition now on air with mellow tone sounds on Brutal Existence Radio.

Featured today: stench/stenchcore, crust, d-beat, crossover, thrash, metallic hc, old school dm, hc punk, punk rock, straight edge hc, post punk, folk/celtic punk, hc, grindcore, fastcore/pv, crust grind, & more!

Tune in now & every Saturday on @ 7pm-11pm UK, 8pm-12am CET (Europe), 2pm-6pm Eastern (US), 3pm-7pm South America (Bra), 3am-7am Australia (West Coast), 1am-4am Indonesia/Hong Kong  
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