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Yo what up today @ 5pm-7pm Eastern (US) myself & VX will be joined by members of the death metal band Vorzug to chat about space exploration, ancient cultures, the possibility of Mars colonization, & whether we have jedi's & siths roaming some unknown parts of the universe, & much more connected to this. 

 If u want to come on future Planet Resistance shows to discuss ya music or something of interest ranging from politics, history, music, film, independent media, & nerd stuff then contact 


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Featured in this episode: straight edge hc, nyhc, crust, d-beat, grind violence, grindcore, fastcore, metallic hc, hc punk, pv, crust grind.

Tune in every Friday on @ 9pm-12am UK, 10pm-1am CET (Europe), 4pm-7pm Eastern (US), 5pm-8pm South America (Bra), 5am-8am Australia (West Coast), 3am-6am Indonesia/Hong Kong

        Western Addiction - I'm Not the Man That I Thought I'd Be (3:15)
        Reunion - Turning (1:44)
        Violent Reaction - Bored To Death (1:11)
        SPIRITS - Their Class War (1:51)
        Sectarian Violence - No Use (2:52)
        Man Vs. Humanity - the equal struggle (2:49)
        easing daze - Duch doby (1:27)
        Disgrace - Bootlicker (2:45)
        Judiciary - Since Birth (2:12)
        Blinded - Život bez šance (1:40)
        Tolar - Force Fed Fear (1:42)
        Disfear - Frustration (1:41)
        Burn Again - Barbarian (1:05)
        Absorber - War On Everything Pt. 2 (1:54)
        Headless Rats - Complacent (1:38)
        amnesty-fuck them and their business (2:11)
        Stoic Violence - When Will It End (1:01)
        Western Addiction - God Says No (2:03)
        Sick People - Pacifist Prophet (2:19)
        RAD - Vortex Of Death (0:42)
        Pissing Match - No Regard (0:20)
        CLEAN BREAK - Cut And Run (1:49)
        Drug Test - Down the Stairs (1:22)
        Zero Progress - Weakling (1:37)
        PROLETARIAT YOUTH - Chin Check (1:23)
        Adjustment To Society - Killing Mind (1:14)
        Per Capita - In The End (1:14)
        GOD MOTHER - Ignorans Talar (1:14)
        Skitsystem - Döden Ar Min Maskinist (1:40)
        M:Pati - Det Är Synd Om Männiksan (2:02)
        Koszmar - Death whistles Over You (1:49)
        Relics of Future - Endless Search (3:47)
        nausea - right to live (2:50)
        Human Fault - Zrůda (1:11)
        Funeral Chic - Humanity Abandoned (1:52)
        Sunlun - Pointless Routine (2:49)
        Bonestorm - Rivers of Blood (1:09)
        Violence To Fade - Dehumanized (1:40)
        Spiknykter - Fyra jävla år (0:36)
        Raw Justice - Loud And Proud (1:19)
        Face It - D.U.I. (1:56)
        Mindset - Thrive (1:35)
        The Rival Mob - Be Somebody (1:30)
        Human Fault - Poselství míru (1:30)
        Goolagoon - Patrickviolence (1:13)
        Permanent Ruin - Bill Unpaid (0:18)
        Cloud Rat - Sinkhole (1:50)
        suffering mind - metoda? (0:28)
        China Syndrome - Hardcore Not Hollywood (1:36)
        DOOMSISTERS - Consomme (1:00)
        MISERABLE FAILURE - This World ain't mine (0:59)
        Honduran - Hiding from the Idiots (1:49)
        Blinded - Tesco ladies (2:30)
        Disbrigade - Motivación (2:08)
        Lökhul - NO ABANDONES (1:17)
        Nomad - 遺命 (1:09)
        BLUDGEONED - covert (3:52)
        Extinction Of Mankind - Existance Declines (5:02)
        humanhostbody - Second Wave (3:03)
        Man Vs. Humanity - bigotry of my existence (3:29)
        Tarsius Tarsier - Ciénaga (1:54)
        Mankind? - Mankind - Utopian Nightmare (1:34)
        Occultist - Messiah Cleaver (2:48)
        Motron - Weekly Routine (2:24)
        NYC Mayhem - Fill Out The Form (1:01)
        Laceration - Dark Ages (0:28)
        Backtrack - Stuck With A Sting (1:23)
        Losin' It - Popularity Contest (3:00)
        SPIRITS - Life of Fiction (0:58)
        Violent Reaction - Direct Threat (0:33)
        Raw War - Cycle Of Bullshit (1:10)
        Vomit For Breakfast - Feyzin (0:41)
        CONTAINMENT - Untitled (0:52)
        Bonestorm - Greed (0:28)
        Hatred Surge - Gaining Momentum (1:37)
        Marginal - Morbid Computer (1:11)
        SARKAST - Alptag (1:42)
        Forræderi - Når Jeg Faller (1:32)
        False Light - BÊTE NOIRE (0:55)
        Ground - No Sympathy (0:55)
        Dismantle - Adapt (0:28)
        Machinist! - Tusk and Teeth (0:26)
        Unsu - Cause Of Insomnia (1:51)
        el hambre - Valkiria (2:02)
        Resurrectionists - Symbolcharakter (1:15)
        SHIT LUCK - INTO THE CHASM (1:36)
        Dropend - Back To Basic (1:35)
        Sabotage - Pushed Over (1:08)
        Dress Code - I Disagree (1:19)
        Zero Progress - Valley Crew (1:14)
        Red Death - Ruinous Wrath (1:25)
        Gorilla Stomp - Settling For Nothing (1:10)


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Ungovernable Resistance Stressed Out Punk/HC edition now on air on Brutal Existence Radio. 4pm-7pm Eastern (US), 9pm-12am UK, 10pm-1am CET, 5pm-8pm South America (Bra), 3am-6am Hong Kong, 5am-8am Australia (West Coast). 

Featured today: straight edge hc, nyhc, crust, d-beat, grind violence, grindcore, fastcore, metallic hc, hc punk, pv, crust grind.

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UR-BER-20-4-15 PT 1

UR-BER-20-4-15 PT 2

 Featured in this episode: Thrash, Crossover, Old School DM, Death Thrash.

 Tune in every Jedi Monday on @ 6pm-10pm UK/7pm-11pm Euro/9pm-1am Russia/1pm-5pm Eastern (US)/2pm-6pm South America (Bra)/2am-6am Australia (West Coast).

        The Haunted - This War (2:28)
        Gama Bomb - Sentenced to Thrash (3:11)
        Foreseen - Market Target (3:17)
        Evil Invaders - Venom (3:38)
        ENFORCER - The Banshee (4:17)
        Overkill - Where There's Smoke... (4:20)
        Slaughter - Forged In the Furnace of Hell (2:35)
        distillator - death strip (3:36)
        Demolition Hammer - Blowtorch (3:43)
        Bloodbath - Famine Of God's Word (4:56)
        Dismember - Sword of Light (3:23)
        Benediction - Don't Look In The Mirror (3:53)
        Sufferage - Who Wins Who Suffer (3:28)
        Kreator - Death To The World (4:53)
        Legion of the Damned - Morbid Death (3:47)
        Daniel Wax Off! - Crossover Cross (2:14)
        Iron Reagan - U Lock the Bike Cop (0:33)
        Delta Force II - Kuka Vei Toivon? (0:37)
        Evil Brain Taste - Back from the Dead (2:03)
        Vulcano - Infusion of Hatred (2:32)
        Damned Creed - 0Enemies Among Us (2:56)
        Extinction A.D. - Mummified (2:57)
        Wages of Fear - Irrational (1:39)
        Dr.Living Dead! - Triggerkiller (3:03)
        Bombnation - Pissed Off to Listen to Pop (0:59)
        Hail of Bullets - The Final Front (4:45)
        Unleashed - Wir Kapitulieren Niemals (3:26)
        Vallenfyre - Savages Arise (2:40)
        Grave - Harvest Day (3:43)
        Testament - A Day In The Death (5:38)
        Morgana Lefay - In The Court Of The Crimson K (3:51)
        Reapermanser - Defile (2:13)
        Arise - Cellbound (2:44)
        Detestation - Class Warped (3:23)
        The Filthy Ewoks - Work (2:40)
        DyingBreed - Realm Of The Dead (2:59)
        Weapons To Hunt - Merciless Impact (4:54)
        Necrophagia - Elder Things (3:30)
        Morgoth - Prison In Flesh (3:31)
        Angry - Suffocated By Despair (5:01)
        The Bringer of Disease (4:10)
        Exodus - 44 Magnum Opus (6:56)
        Exalter - Thrash Resurgence (4:15)
        Toxic Bonkers - Masowa Hipnoza (3:01)
        Inculter - Death Domain (4:24)
        fallout h.r - until the fallout (4:41)
        Excessum - Rage Unrestrained (4:23)
        Bone Sickness - Death And Dismemberment (2:07)
        Abomnium - Horde (5:37)
        Ghouls - Until It Bleeds (5:02)
        Yyrkoon - Censored Project (4:35)
        Thanatos - Devour The Living (5:02)
        Charon - Key To Nowhere - The Absolute (5:09)
        Fetus Stench - The Outer Island (4:25)
        Paganizer - The Carrion Parlor (3:12)
        Ghoul - Death in the Swamp (1:33)
        The Crown - Horrid Ways (5:17)
        Verminous - The Gospel of Verminous (2:59)

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Ungovernable Resistance Darth Jedi Metal edition now on air on Brutal Existence Radio with the Thrash Rebel Alliance special. The mosh awakens @ 1pm-5pm Eastern (US), 6pm-10pm UK, 7pm-11pm CET, 9pm-1am Russia, 12am-4am Hong Kong, 2am-6am Australia (West Coast). Feat: Thrash, Crossover, Old School DM, Death Thrash. Get @ me for shouts on the show. 1. 

 Tune in now & every Jedi Monday on @ 6pm-10pm UK/7pm-11pm Euro/9pm-1am Russia/1pm-5pm Eastern (US)/2pm-6pm South America (Bra)/2am-6am Australia (West Coast).

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Interview with Brazil's Blackend done on 4-18--15

Metal   Regards
Here   is  a  new  interview  with  Brazil's  thrashing  masters  "Blackend"  that  have  just  released  their  new  Mcd  through  Witches  Brew  Rec.  so  if you  are  a fan  of  thrash metal  then do yourself  a  favor  and  check this  band  out  today.

Interview with  Blackened  done by Patrick

1. Metal Hails when did you all first meet? Was it long before you formed the band “Blackened"? How   did you all come up with the name for the band?

Jão (Vocals/Bass) met Marcelo (Drums) by a friend, Jão was looking for someone to join the band, so he started playing with him in the band. Ulisses (Guitars) was playing in another band, Porrada, when he met us, and a few months later, after a lot of arguments and disagreements he left that band, past 2 weeks he joined Blackened, and João (Guitars) played in the place of Ulisses when he left Porrada (the other band) but after a while, he was kicked out of the band, and after Fernando (ex-guitarist) left the band, we called João to join the band.

2. What is the current line-up of Blackened? For  the  readers  who  have  never  heard  Blackend's  music  how  would  you  describe  it?

Jão – Vocals/Bass
Marcelo – Drums
Ulisses – Guitars
João – Guitars
We play a thrash that remembers the old school bay area bands, like Exodus, Vio-lence, Metallica and Testament, but we also sound like the new school bands, like Lost Society, Municipal Waste and Violator.

3. Blackened  is  getting  ready  to  release  their  new MCD  "Underground  Attack"   through  the   label  Witches  Brew. How did you come up with this label?

We sent an e-mail to them, with our release and the EP songs, and they were very interested to release us, they liked very much our thrash, we are so happy with this, and we are very grateful for what they are doing for us!

4. Does  the  whole  band  work  on  the  music  for  the  new songs  or does  one  member   usually  write  everything?

The whole band works on the songs, we always make new songs together.

5. Who  usually   writes  the  lyrics  for the   band  what  are  some topics/subjects  you   all  write   about?

Jão and Ulisses usually write the lyrics, the topics usually is critics to religion, our government, corruption and greed. Now we are writing about other subjects, like death, pain, struggles, thrashing, life and war.

6. Does  Blackened   ever  play  "live"  where  have  been  some  places  you   have  played?  Are their  any  shows  or tours  coming  up  this  year for  the   "Underground  Attack"  release?

Yeah, we play live since 2012, and we are in tour releasing the EP since last year. We played in Curitiba/PR, São José/SC, Ponta Grossa/PR, Porto Belo/SC, Erechim/RS and São Paulo/SP. We are finishing the tour, and after it, we’ll stop playing live to start the full length recording and start to schedule new dates after releasing the new CD.

7. Who  are  some  bands  you   have  shared  the  stage  with? If  you   could  play  a show or tour  with  any  bands{past  or  present}  who  are some  bands you  would  like to  share  the  stage  with?

We have been playing mainly with the bands of our town, we are very close and we try to do things always together, organizing shows, playing in other town. Well, we are very happy to share stage with these bands, but if we could choose, it would be Violator, Farscape, Torture Squad, bands from Brazil that we respect and like very much.

8. Blackened   comes out of the Brazilian Metal scene? Blackened plays  a  heavy metal  style  but  do  you  like  or  listen  to  death  or  black  metal?

We came from the Brazilian metal scene that is not always recognized, but that is growing a lot in recent years, with bands trying to go to outside of Brazil, just like us. Actually we hear almost everything, almost all kinds of music, from Rap to thrash, death and black metal. We try to take as much as more influence we can from anything we like and try to put it on our songs.

9. Who are your   all-time favorite Brazilian metal bands?  Are  their  any  new  bands  you  feel  the  readers  should  check  out  soon?

Violator, Farscape, Torture Squad, Sepultura, Whipstriker, Mutilator, Ratos de Porão, and many others. I think you should check out bands that are growing a lot and that are helping us a lot, like Poison Beer, Evil Exorcist, Murdeath, Rot Remains, SOS Chaos, Fatal, Radioactive Murder, Antichrist Hooligans, Skombrus, Satanic Conjuration, really good bands you guys should check out!!

10. In  your   opinions  what  is the  best  and  worst  thing  about  the  underground  scene  today? And what does Underground metal mean to you?

Here in Brazil, sometimes, the Underground scene is not that valorized, some people don’t even like kids to play metal and have their own bands playing (we call these kids babybangers hahaha), so it’s very difficult to start playing, but we were lucky, because we came up and a lot of people helped us. And I think that’s what the underground means, despite all the difficulties, there’s union, people helping each other and the Do It Yourself thing.

11. Do  any  of  the  members  of  Blackened   currently   play  in  other  bands  or  solo-projects? If yes please tell the readers about them.

Only the drummer, Martelo, that also plays in Murdeath.

12.Thank  you  for  taking  the  time  to  fill  out  this  interview  do  you  have  any  final  comments  for  the   readers?

We thank you very much for doing this interview with us. Check out our facebook page ( to contact us, or check out Witches Brew’s webshop to get our EP ‘’Underground Attack’’!! Thanks a lot and keep thrashin!!
Answered by Martelo and Jão

                                                            Label   Contact
                                                                               Band   Contact


 The Ungovernable Resistance 2015 compilation has now been cancelled due to a lack of interest & participation. The project was aiming to help Doctors Without Borders against Ebola, solidarity with Hands Up Don't Shoot campaign against police brutality, & it was dedicated to our friend John Barber, drummer of Triangle Fire who sadly passed at the start of 2015.

   Special thanks to the bands/artists/people who tried to help spread the word & do what they could. Shouts to Bludgeoned, Chaos A OK, 40oz Folklore, Dirty Protest (UK), Triangle Fire, Awkward Sounds, Mental Killing Spree, Vorzug, & Hobo Banditos.



Featured in this episode: Crust, HC, HC Punk, Grind, Thrashcore, Crossover, Metal Punk, D-Beat, D-Beat, D-Beat, & more D-Beat. 

Tune in every Friday on @ 9pm-12am UK, 10pm-1am CET (Europe), 4pm-7pm Eastern (US), 5pm-8pm South America (Bra), 5am-8am Australia (West Coast), 3am-6am Indonesia/Hong Kong

        Triangle Fire - septic cyanide (1:05)
        Benign Plausibility - Oedipussy (1:22)
        Brigantine - Death at Sea (2:17)
        Brigantine - Hang 'em High (2:20)
        Bombstrike - Another Choice (1:27)
        Glöm Dä! - Så jävla naiv (1:11)
        Bhopal - Opposition (3:39)
        Besta - Vampiro Psíquico (1:21)
        Jesus Cröst - Crust Ist Toet (0:35)
        Mulct - Double Agent (0:29)
        Mulct - Extort and Demand (0:31)
        Flagitious Idiosyncrasy In The Dilapidation - Deserve (1:52)
        Mutual Assured Destruction - Reactionary Onslaught (1:58)
        PEACEBREAKERS - No One Cares (0:54)
        SHIT - Bliss (1:51)
        MERCENARY - Dreams/Reality (1:35)
        IMPALERS - Cellar Dweller (1:39)
        VIOLENT END - Public Fear (1:30)
        AJAX - Lapdog (1:44)
        Derrota - Dia Tras Dia (1:49)
        CONTAINMENT - Stagnant (1:44)
        LOW COTTON - Orangeburg, SC (1:01)
        Kontatto - La Tua Malattia (2:06)
        Insidious Process - Stadsdelsförvanskningen (1:28)
        Seitan - Jag säger nej (1:34)
        Riistetyt - Jo Sikiona Silvottu (1:13)
        Brottskod 11 - Era Ideal (2:18)
        Crutches - Mera (1:27)
        Dropdead - Another stone (0:55)
        Disable - Torture of the Masses (2:26)
        Warvictims - Doomed From Birth (1:36)
        Effluxus - last war (1:22)
        Koward - Burning Inside (1:25)
        Komplott - Casa Lavoro Cimitero (1:54)
        JÄVLA - Warped Ones (0:49)
        HOAX - Anesthetize (1:50)
        Electric Funeral - What Is Real? (2:14)
        Death Token - Year After Year (0:51)
        Inmates - Into The Crypts Of Smith (2:07)
        After The Bombs - War (2:10)
        Brafcharge - Marikana (2:07)
        Fearof Extinction -  AN IDOL BASTARD (1:46)
        Replica - You Can't Stop The Weather (1:03)
        PISS - Puke On the Patriarchy (0:50)
        Sexdrome - Like Tiles (1:58)
        Dickhead - Hancurkan Major Label (0:55)
        Jagernaut - epidemic parthenogenesis (1:10)
        Jagernaut - Wicked Mayhem (0:31)
        Zvarna - What I 'happen (1:08)
        Zvarna - What you ask me (0:47)
        Warcollapse - Nauseating Nightmare (2:19)
        Soteld - Rätten till mitt liv (2:12)
        Tribünal - Never Live In Peace/Watch You Suffer (5:40)
        Narcoleptics - Trench Knife (2:05)
        D-Beatles - Ja mikään ei muuttunut (1:05)
        Livid Death - Relief in Expiration (2:19)
        Bastard Hound - My Rocky Theme Song (2:10)
        Disease - Bottom Of The Bottle (1:26)
        Landbridge - Manufacturing Greed (2:33)
        Knivad -  Skjut ihjäl dig (2:54)
        Hellbound - Poison Mask (2:07)
        ALEHAMMER - Fermented Death (3:04)
        Disfortune - Disinformation (0:57)
        Left for Dead - Rival Leaders (1:16)
        Systematic Death - Love Power (1:23)
        Masskontroll - Genocide (1:01)
        Mustelmia - Sota (1:21)
        Blood Pressure - Chronic Abuse (1:17)
        Public Suicide - Take Your Pills (0:54)
        Public Suicide - Passerby (0:53)
        Red Death - Permanent Exile (1:59)
        Glam - Inquisicion (1:32)
        Soteld - Hat i Modersmjölken (2:23)
        We Are the Damned - Macabre Expedition (3:26)
        The Carnival - Nukkuva Jumala (2:01)
        Wildspeaker - Clarity (1:38)
        No Confidence - Deep Breath (0:47)
        Mustelmia - Oikeistopopulismi (0:39)
        Subordinate - Rust (3:39)
        Knivad - Ett försvarstal (2:14)
        BROCRUSHER - Crude Decay (2:26)
        Severe - Shallow (1:42)
        Motron - Into My Cage (2:04)
        Driller Killer - Dakapokalypse (4:18)
        Dropout - Learn To Loathe (3:03)

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Ungovernable Resistance Stressed Out Punk/HC Edition now on air on Brutal Existence Radio feat: Crust, HC, HC Punk, Grind, Thrashcore, Crossover, Metal Punk, D-Beat, D-Beat, D-Beat, & more D-Beat. Get @ me for shouts. 4pm-7pm Eastern (US). 9pm-12am UK, 10pm-1am CET.

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New Metal and folk reviews done on 4-16-15

Here  is  some  new  metal  {various  styles}   for  your  reading  pleasure  I  hope to  get  some  new  reviews  and   interviews   posted  very  soon  so  keep  a watch out  for  more  underground  posts  releated to   u/g  hip-hop,punk  and  metal  and  even  some  indepant  film  reviews from time to  time.
hope  everyone  has  a good  week  expect  more  stuff to be  posted  soon

Celtachor--Nuada Of  The  Silver  Arm  cd  {Trollzorn Rec.} Celtachor  come  out  of  Ireland's  folk metal scene  combining  semi fast  guitars with  some  excellent  acoustic  guitar  parts.The  drumming  is done  to  perfection  with  fast  drum  beats  to  a  more  mid-paced  range.The  vocals  are a  mix  of  black metal  screams  and  some  gruff growls  entertwined  into  the  songs.This  a  very  good  release  of  extreme  metal  with  some  very  well  played  folkish  music  within  the  songs.If you  are  a  fan  of  blackend  folk  metal  then  do  yourself  a  favor  and  check  this  band  out  today.
                                                              Label   Contact

Decayed--Into  The  Depths  Of  Hell   cd   {Hell  Prod.}
Here  is  the  brand  new release  from  one  of  Portugals   longest  running death  metal  hordes  Decayed.Furious  old-school  death  metal that  is  done  to  perfection.Crazed  guitar  riffs  that  are  done  with  a lot  of  power  and  skill.The  guitarist  does  slow to  a  mid paced range  and  even throws  some  solo's  into the  mix.The  drumming  is  done to  perfection  with  a  varied  tempo  going from  fast  drum  patterns  to  a  more  controlled  slower  drumming  in  a  few  of the  songs.The  vocals  are  done  with  some  great  gruff death  growls  and  even  use  some  vicious screams. This  is  a   must  have  for  all  those  into   old-school  death  metal. 

                                                                 Label   Contact

Eternal  Armageddon--Black Thrash Bastards   demo  {Self-released}This  is  Eternal  Armageddon's  second  demo  to  see the  light  of  day  and  the  band  originally  started  out  playing  a melodic  style of  black metal.But  with the   new  demo "Black Thrash Bastards"  the  band  has  gone  more  for  a  thrashy blackend  sound  which  is  done  extremely  well and  played  with a lot  of  good  drum  patterns  and  guitars.The  drums  start  out  at  a  mid paced range  before  speeding  up to  a  faster  beat  The  guitars  are  in the same  vein  starting  off  with  a  lightning  speed  intense  riffs  but  are  not to  over the  top  and  do  know  when to  slow  down to  a  heavy metal  guitar  speed.This  is  a  great  demo  from the  Bangladesh  band   hopefully  they  will  stick  with  this  style  and  put  out  some  more  great  music  in the coming  months  or  years.  
                                                          Band   Contact

Fortid--9   cd   {Schwarzdorn   Prod.}
This  is  Fortid's  fourth  cd  to date  coming  out  of the   Norweigan  pagan  metal  scene.Fortid   plays  a   nice  blend  of   pagan metal  with  some  progressive  and  folkish  influences  blended  into the  songs  nicely.The  guitars  are  played  at  various  speeds  throughout  each  song  going  from  extreme fast  chords to  a  more  controlled and  melodic  parts  before  going  full speed  again.The  vocals  are  black metal screams  and  mixed  with  some death metal growls.This  is  a great  band  that  displays  their talent  to  write  complex  music that  ranges  from  aggressive  metal and then  goes  in  another direction  with some  melodic  music  entertwined.If  your  a fan  of  this  band  or  these  genres  I  would  defintly  give  Fortid  a  listen today.  

                                                                     Label    Contact

Imperial  Savagery--Imperial  Savagery   cd demo {Self Released}
Chicago's  Imperial  Savagery play  a  nice  blend  of  heavy  and  fast  old school  death  metal with  some  thrashy  guitars  in  some  of the  tracks.The  band  is extremely  talented  with  some  very  well  written  guitar  patterns  and  a  few  solos   mixed  in  a few  of the  songs.The  drumming  is  in  top  form  in  these  songs  ranging  from  fast  drum patterns to some catchy  and  extremely tight.The  vocals  are death growls  entertwined  with some original  style  gruff vocal  patterns.If  your  a  fan  of  early to  mid  nineties  death metal  then  defintly  pick this  cd  up  today.
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Invicible  Force---Satan  Rebellion Metal   cd   {Dark  Descent Rec.}
Invicible  Force  play  a  barbaric and  vicious  style  of  blackend  death  metal  with  some  influences from the  thrash  and even  some war  metal  moments  entertwined.Extremly  fast  guitars that rage through  each  song  with a  sincere  intensity  that can not  be  matched.The  drummer  is  equally  as  intense  and  fast  with  his  drumming technique.The  vocalist  does a great  job  with  with  mixing  in  some  thrashy  screams  and  intense  death  growls.This  is  a great  release  of  blackend  death  metal  in  it's  purest  form  if your  a  fan  of this  genre  don't  let  this  band and release  slip  through  your  fingers.
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Nocturnas-The Science Of Horror  LP  {Nuclear War  Now}
Nuclear War  Now  has  found  and  released  the  early  demo's  from one   of  the earliest  U.S  death  metal  hordes.The  Science Of Horror  demo  starts   off this  slab  of  death,thrashing  mayhem  with  four  songs  of early  death metal  with  some  thrashing  influence And  even  in  the demo's the  band recorded you  can  hear the beginnings  of their  technical guitars in a few sections.As this  is  one of the  pioneers  of the scene.Up  next  is the  1987  demo  titled  demo 1  while  this  demo  is  much  more raw  in  production  you  can  still  make  out  all the  instruments.The  guitars  are  much  faster and  have  a thrashy  vibe and  sound  within these songs and  even  in the early  demo  you  can  hear that  this  band was extremely  focused  and  knew  how to  play  their  instruments.The  drumming  is done  with  a  variety  of  fast  drum  patterns to  a  more  slower mid pace  range.This  is  a  must  have   for  any  fans  of  Nocturnas  or  if your  a  fan  of early  death  metal  this  is a great  release to  get   your  hands  on  today.
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Rexor--Nox Obscura  Sortis Mcd  {Metallic Media}
This  is  my  first  encounter  with  Italy's  Rexor  and this  is a  review  of their  2012  Mcd  Nox Obscura  Sortis.Starting  off with  a short  intro  before  bursting  out  with  some  well written  and  well executed  black metal.The  guitars  are  all over the  place  with  mid paced  guitars  before  going into    faster guitar  riffs and few  solo's  mixed  in  a few songs.The drummer   is  extremely  talented  with  mid paced patterns before  jumping  into  hyper speed  drum beats.The  vocalist  is  extremely  well with  black metal  shrieks  and  screams that do a great  job  keeping  up  with the  pace  of the  music.This  is a  good  release  and  defintly  recommended to  all who  enjoy  black metal  this  is a  must  have.
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 Rexor--Ut  Humanitatem  Caedant  cd   {Metallic   Media}
Italy's  Rexor  return  with their  newest  black metal  masterpiece  The   music  is  a  fast  and chaotic  with  fast  guitars  and the  drumming  is  done  with  a lot  of  good  drum beats  mixed  with  a lot  of raging  blast beats. The  music  does  slow to  a  more  controlled  mid paced  in a few  of the  songs  before going  back  full force  with raging  black metal.The  vocals are  blackend raw  shrieks  and screams.If  you  are  a    fan  of  hateful,fast   black metal then  do  not  let  this  band  slip  by and  pick yourself  up  a  copy today.
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