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Ungovernable Resistance Darth Jedi Metal edition on air today on Brutal Existence Radio. Thrash. 1.

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Ungovernable Resistance on air today with d-beat/crust noise. Tune in on Brutal Existence Radio. Link & show times below. Noise. 1.

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Ungovernable Resistance Darth Jedi Metal edition now on air on Brutal Existence Radio. As its the last 2 Monday's of the month its time for thrash. 1pm-5pm Eastern (US). Featured today: Thrash, Crossover, Old School DM, Death Thrash, & more. 1.  
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Peace all. There will be no uploads/pod casts of our shows until further notice. I'm simply too busy with the Nepal compilation so our live shows are the way to hear the noise. When the compilation is near completion we can then return to uploading the pod casts of our live shows 1.

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Interview with Coathanger Abortion done by Patrick on 5-16-15

Metal  Regards
Hope  everyone  is  having  a  good  weekend  or  week? Here  is  a new  interview  with  Tennessee's  Coathanger  Abortion   who  is  getting ready  to  release their  second  full-length  cd   "Observations of Humanity  through  the   mighty  Comatose   music. so  anyone  into  brutal  old and  some  newer  death metal   should  definitely  check  this  band  out  today.

Interview  with  Scott  M. drummer  of   Coathanger  Abortion    done  by   Patrick

1. Hello  Scott  how  is  life  treating  you  these  days? When  did you  first  meet  the  other  members  of Coathanger  Abortion ?
I'm doing well, thanks. We all met back in high school in the early 90's. That was the original members. I'm the only original member now. Robby, our vocalist, has been with us a long time. We met in school as well. I met the other guys through the band.
2.What  is  the  current  of  the  band?For  the  readers  who  have   never  heard your   music  how  would  you  best  describe  Coathanger  Abortion's  sound?
 Honestly, better than half the stuff out there. It has an old school feel but peppered with new school style and variety. Catchy riffs, interesting song structure, varied fluctuations in tempo, sound and style.
3.Coathanger  Abortion     is  getting  ready  to  release their  second  cd   "Observations Of Humanity"  through  Comatose Music.How  long  did  it  take  you  all to  write  songs  on this  release ?Does  the  whole  band  work  on  the  music  or  does  one  member  usually  write  everything?

 I took a long time, but everything does that is great! Haha. I write the majority of guitar, then Jay (ex guitar) and Johnny. Then I compose all of the songs. Robby composes vocal patterns.
4.Who   usually  writes the   lyrics  for the  band  what  are some  topics you  all  write  about?
 Robby and I write most of the lyrics. Johnny wrote one and Jay wrote one. The topics vary greatly. Mostly about " Observations of Humanity "
5.Does   Coathanger  Abortion     have  any  shows  or  tours   planned  for  this  summer?  If  yes  where  are  some  places  the  fans  can  find  the  band?Has  the  band  ever  had the  chance to  play   in  another  country If  yes  where?
We have a few small shows this summer. The big news is Full Terror Assault in September. That's gonna rule. We have played Canada twice. We plan for California and Mexico next year, then Europe in 2017.
6.Who  are  some  bands you  all have   shared the  stage  with? What  have  been  some  of your   most   memorable   shows  to date?
 We have played tons of shows with too many good bands to name. I will say that at Full Terror Assault we will be jamming with Obituary, Fear Factory, Terrorizer, Broken Hope, Misery Index... Just to name a few.
My favorite shows were San Antonio, Toronto, LVDF, CIM, and Chattanooga.
7.Besides  the   new  cd    "Observations Of Humanity"   does  the   band  have   any  other  merchandise  available  for  the  fans/readers? If  yes  where can  the  fans  buy the  new  cd  and merch?
 We have a lot. A few shirts, two CDs, buttons, pins, magnets, stickers, shot glasses. It can be directly ordered from the Facebook page or from myself via Paypal.
8.Scott  you   handle  the  drums  for  the  band  at  what  age  did you  start  playing  the drums?Are  you  self taught  or  did  you  take  lessons  when  first  starting out?
 I started at 12, so for 25 years now. I'm self taught, but learned rudiments and to read music in school band, so that helped a lot.
9.Who  are  some  of your influences/favorite  drummers?

John Merryman, Romaine Goulan, gene hoglan, Hans Grossman, Thomas lang, vigil donati
10.Do  you  or any  of the  members  currently  play  in  any other  side bands? If  yes  please tell the readers  about  them?

I play in Southern Mental Illness ( SMI), Ryan plays in lust of decay and cesspool of vermin, Phil plays in about twenty bands including lust of decay and necrotic disgorgement.
11. Coathanger  Abortion    comes  out  of  Tennessee  metal  scene  what  is  your   opinion  of  the  scene   in   Tennessee?

 It's pretty good over all. It's hit or miss, like any place.
12.Who  are  some  of your  all time favorite  bands  from   Tennessee? Are  their  any  new  upcoming  bands  from   Tennessee  you  feel  the  readers  should  watch  out  for?
 Oh man, I know I will forget some and I'll catch shit for it, but oh well, here it goes... Skew, Brodequin, Ancients, Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza, White Chapel, Adelaide... For rap -Three Six Mafia, Eight Ball and MJG... For newer bands - Toe Tagged, if they're still active?
13.Besides  brutal death  metal  do  you   like/listen to  any other  forms  of  music? Who  are some  bands/artists  you   enjoy  listening to?
 I listen to everything except country and techno. Some of my favorites are Type O Negative, CKY, Atreyu, NOFX, Misfits, Dead Kennedys, Outkast, Periphery, The Contortionist, Weezer, Ben Folds, Crash Test Dummies, The Police, Crowbar, etc...
14.Thank  you  Scott  for taking the time to  fill this  interview  you   have  any  final  comments  for  the  readers?
Think for yourself. Always. I can't stress that enough. See you on the road. Thanks for the interview

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Yo what up the Ungovernable Resistance Darth Jedi Metal Edition is now on air featuring: dm, thrash, doom, desert/space rock, old school dm, brutal dm, & more. 1.

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Ungovernable Resistance Stressed Out/Punk HC edition is now on air with its new day/broadcast time on Brutal Existence Radio. I'm on from 2pm-6pm Eastern (US), 7pm-11pm UK, 8pm-12am Europe (CET). 

Today I'll be featuring: Anarcho Punk, HC Punk, Ska Punk, Folk Punk, Dub Punk, Peace Punk, Post Punk, NYHC, Metallic HC, Straight Edge HC, HC, D-Beat, Crust, Grindcore, Crust Grind, Power Violence (music genre), Grind Violence (music genre). 

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 Quick reminder that our punk show has moved to Saturday's. Details & times below. Also our radio show uploads are taking a little longer due to the work on the Nepal comp so please be patient. Peace & thx. 1.

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  Featured: D-Beat, Crust, Crust Grind, Grindcore, Hardcore Punk, Hardcore, Power Violence, Punk, Anarcho Punk, Crossover, Thrashcore, Fastcore, Beatdown HC, NYHC, Metallic HC, New School HC, Old School HC, Straight Edge HC, Folk Punk, HC Punk, DIY news

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Interview with Concieved By Hate done by Patrick on 5-6-15

El  Salvador's   Conceieved  by  Hate  have  released  a  great  split  cd  with   Akheron  released  through   the   mighty   Morbid  Skull  {which  is  also  owned  and  operated  by  the  man   Jorge  Montesino  so  do yourself  if your  a  fan  of  death/thrashing  metal  then  deffintly  check  out  this  band's  split cd  and  other  releases  today.

Interview  with   Jorge Montesino   vocals and  guitars    for  Concieved  By  Hate  and  owner  of  Morbid Skull Records  done  by   Patrick

1.Metal Hails  Jorge  how  are  things  going  for  you this  week? When  did you  first  discover  metal  music? 

Hey Patrick thanks a lot for this interview, I am doing good, very busy recording new material for my bands and also a lot of stuff going on with the label. Well I quite not remember clearly but it was on early age maybe when I was like 10 or 12 years old, I remember I visited my grandmother and in that house lived one of my cousins that is like 10 years older than me, so I remember I grabbed some of the dubbed tapes and listen to them, I was attracted by the logo designes. Also I remember my parents and grandmother listen to The Beatles, Metallica Ballads, Queen and stuff like that, I think those situations were the first contact with heavy metal music in my life.

2.The  band  was  created  in  2002  what  gave you  all the  idea to  start  the  band? How  did you all choose the  name    Conceived  By  Hate? What  is  the  current  line up  for the  band?

Well I had a previuous band called DISORDER that I put on rest on 2002 and since I already had ideas for new songs inmediately I started to compose for a new band that I originally wanted to call SPIRITUAL DEMISE but the name was not shared by some members so I had to agreed to change it to CONCEIVED BY HATE but at the end it makes some sense since most of the old stuff was rooted in hatred, I think the other guitarrist was the one that came out with the name. The current line up is as follows:

Morbid – guitars/vocals
Hellbastard – vocals
Tulio – Keyboard
Carlos – Bass
Iosif – Drums
Rene - Guitars

3.How  would  you  say   Concieved  By  Hate's  music  has  changed  over  the  years? Who  are  some  of the  bands  influences?

Well I liked the idea of not evolve but devolve and going backwards to the root of this music, maybe the music now is not so complex as at the beginning talking about riff structure but is always death/thrash. One thing I can say is that as persons every member did change for good or bad. I may not talked about influences but musical preferences, I can speak only for myself, in my case I always come back to bands like DISSECTION, DECEASED, ENTOMBED, BATHORY, DISMEMBER, etc. and bands alike, there is a good amount of new bands coming out with the same feeling which I also follow, I think this is a good era for Extreme Metal in general the morbid vibes are coming out ones again stronger as before maybe. 

4. Concieved  By  Hate   is  getting  ready to  release  a  split  cd  with  Akheron through  Morbid Skull Rec.  how  long  did  it  take  the  band to  write the  music  on  the  split cd?

I decided to include 4 tracks on this release, 3 new songs and 1 cover which is DISSECTION's “Thorns Of Crimson Death”, one of the songs was written by the bass player so I am not sure how long did he take but on my case “Hypocritical Sense Of Ego” was written around 2011 like in 2 or 3 weeks but it was never included in a release until now, the other song I wrote was “Embrace The Absurd” which I think was ready in 1 week or something and was written in 2013. 

5.Does the  whole  band take  part  in the  writing  process  or  is  it  usually  one  member who  writes  everything? Who  usually  writes  the  lyrics for the   band what  are  some  topics/subjects  you  all  write  about?

I have always written almost all the music, when I have the complete songs with riffs and tempos then I send the music to the other members so they learn it and put the arrangements related to their instruments, on this point lets say everybody put their style on playing their thing but following the main idea, some lead guitars are written by me and another ones by the other guitarrist. Regarding the lyrics I always write all the stuff in some cases if the song is written but another member they have an idea or concept about the lyrics I take that concept and create the phrasing and lyrics. Since we do not see each other too much for me is easier to compose alone, I am used to do it that way so I really enjoy it. The topics/subjects depends on the mood when composing the music, some stuff are personal points of views of social things or local reality, I always liked to right stuff with evil nerved but I always hold it out of the band because I felt it was not shared by all members but things will change from now on, actually that is the reason I also reactivated my old band DISORDER (thrash/black/death) and created a new band MORBID STENCH (death) to be able to play and talk about stuff I liked but sometimes is not shared by all.

6.Has   Concieved  By  Hate    started  working  on  new  songs for  the  next  release? Will  it  be another  split  cd  or   possibly  a  full-length?

Of corpse!!! I am always working and saving riffs, I usually do this for a period and then when I have enough time I start arranging the stuff and creating the complete songs, so far I am also working on 2 full-lenght albums, one for DISORDER and another for MORBID STENCH but I have like 4 complete songs for CONCEIVED BY HATE and I plan to finish recordings at least for all guitars and bass by this year, I really like short songs albums (8 to 9 songs) so lets say I have almost 50% ready haha, so yes! I hope that the second full-lenght is at least ready this year and released on early 2016.  

7.Does    Concieved  By  Hate   play  live  very  often?What  have  been  some  of your  most  memorable  shows  so  far?

Yes, in the last years we have been very active playing locally in order to promote music and get funds by selling merch, our country is small and there are not many places or shows from which you can choose but we have been playing like 1 or 2 shows per month lately. Regarding a memorable show I really do not have any that comes to mind first, I think all have been good. 

8.Are  their  any  tours  or  shows  planned  for  2015?  If  you  could  set up a  dream  tour/show  who  are  some bands{past or  present}  you  would  like to  share the  stage  with?

I am working on touring europe but I will have to setup a live line-up to do this since matching 6 schedulers its quite difficult, I mean we are 6 members with different lives and seems difficult for all to have the same intervals of free time or vacations so I am working on this, there are some oportunities but still working on them. A dream tour/shows for me would be with bands like DISSECTION, DECEASED, ASPHYX, ENTOMBED and DISMEMBER. 

9.In  your   opinion  what  is the  best and  worst  thing  about  the Metal Underground  scene  today? And  what  does the   term  Underground Metal  mean  to you?

I am not the best person to judge the whole metal underground scene but what comes to my mind is that a good thing of today is that with Internet there are almost no bounderies to promote your music or to get in touch with other bands or scenes from places 20 years ago you wont imagine, this is a good thing in both cases as a fan or as a musician, on the other hand I think that Internet has made the things easier so now the love for music maybe is not valorated much as before because it is no longer hard to get it, I mean you can listen 1 song of a band today and 24 hours you may be able to download the whole discography and then if you want you delete it for no money so I think this has killed the passion and romance it was present in the past but its like all, not all is perfect, you get something good but also something bad at the same time. In my humble opinion underground metal its something made from the heart, honest and without thinking if will like it or not to others, its something real and done by the love of this music, it does not have to be necessarily related to unknown bands or underrated bandsor to be succesful to make money or not from this music, most metal bands I think do not make a living out of this music but there are some that are still undeground and very real about this music that became succesful. 

10. Concieved  By  Hate   comes   out  of  EL Salvador's  metal scene  what  is  your   opinion  of   EL Salvador's  metal  scene? 

This is a complicated question for me since I cannot judge anyone, I think I am just focused on my shit and thats it I try not to look around on what others are doing but I will try to answer this question, I think as I told in previous question with Internet it is more easy to get in touch with this kind of music so there could be more bands and/or metalheads but I think the air is lacking of passion, as I said I am no one to judge it but this is the first thing that came to my mind.

11.Who  are  some  of your  all-time  favorite   El Salvadorian  bands? Are their  any  new  bands  you feel  the  readers  should  check  out  soon?

I do not have any, I mean there is no local band that had or has influenced me on doing this so I do not have any favorite by now. 

12.Besides   Concieved  By  Hate   are you   or  any  of the  members   currently   working  with   other  bands  or  solo  projects?

Yes, since I felt some things will not work good with Conceived By Hate and reactived my first old band called DISORDER which is a combination of mostly thrash riffs, it was put on hold in 2002 and reactivated as an studio project in 2011 joining forces with Hellbastard on vocals and Iosif helped as session drummer, I put out a single on 2013 and a full-lenght called “En El Rio del Olvido” on 2014 both out on my label MORBID SKULL RECORDS, currently I am recording the next full-lenght for this band. Also I am working in another band called MORBID STENCH which is pure dense fucking death metal, on this one I am also working on the guitars and bass with Iosif on drums and a good friend from Costa Rica “The Master Butcher”  (INSEPULTO, NECROGOD, etc..), currently I am recording the tracks for the debut album that I hope to have it released this year.

13.Other than  working  with   Concieved  By  Hate    you  are  also  the  owner  of  Morbid Skulls Records. when  did you get  the  idea  to  start a  label? Do  you  work  on  everything yourself  or do you  have  some  help?

It was something not planned, I think started it seriously around late 2012 and finally I think got my logo and dedicated address on 2013 and starting to deal with bigger labels, it is not like I just wanted to have a label it was the only way to promote more seriously my bands so lets say it was my logic way to go instead of waiting for others to help my bands i just did it my self and my way. In relation with the administrative things or operations I do it all by myself, its fucking difficult sometimes to get all done quickly but I am working on distributing better my time to manage it better. As I said currently I just edit my bands productions because of the costs and hard work that has to be done to move the stuff, I am not the guy that lays down to wait until others do the job, I really like to do it my self and put always my best effort in all. 

14.What   have you  released  on  Morbid Skulls Records  so  far?  is this  just  a  label  for your bands or  have you released  other  bands as  well?

 I have release officialy the following items:

CONCEIVED BY HATE “Selective Procreations” 7” Split Vinyl with NUCLEAR (Chile) 2013
CONCEIVED BY HATE “Below The Deck Of Opulence” 12” Split Vinyl with DECEASED (USA) 2014
CONCEIVED BY HATE “Coalition Of Death” CD Split with AKHERON (Colombia) 2015
DISORDER “En El Rio Del Olvido” CD full-lenght 2014

Yes man this is just for my bands so far, it is not that I do not want to help other bands but I am not making profit out of it so budget is not infinite, if there is another band that I like and have the right attitude then I may think about it but its hard.

15.What  do  you   look for  when  signing and releasing  a  band?  What  are some  of the  upcoming  releases for   Morbid Skulls Records?

If I would sign or edit something for a band I need the right attitude on this, I mean I am not rich and I am not and will surely not make money out of all this, I do it because I like it and I need it as breathing so the band needs to understand this and support the label to make the best results but sometimes there are egocentric bands that think they are the best stuff ever and that I will be rich by editing the stuff so they start asking money or a lot of copies, on those cases I always say I am not the label for them and wish them good luck. The upcoming releases I have are as follow:

CONCEIVED BY HATE “Coalition Of Death” (Limited Vinyl Edition)
CONCEIVED BY HATE (new full-lenght)
DISORDER (new full-lenght)
MORBID STENCH (debut album)

16.Thank  you     Jorge   for  taking the  time  to  fill  out   this  interview  do  you   have  any  final  comments for  the   readers?

Thanks a lot to you Patrick for the interest on doing this interview and also to the readers, I wish you all the best.

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May the 4th be with you & one love. Ungovernable Resistance Darth Jedi Metal Edition now on air on Brutal Existence Radio. 

Featured today: Special guest Darth Bro, Doom, Thrash, Power Thrash, DM, Brutal DM, Old School DM, & a lil bit of crust/d-beat/hc punk, Middle Eastern Metal, Space/Desert Rock. 1pm-5pm Eastern (US), 6pm-10pm UK, 7pm-11 CET (Europe). 

Tune in @
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