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Featured in this episode: grindcore, crust grind, hc punk, hardcore, straight edge hc, crust, nyhc, metallic hc, power violence, fastcore, & more!

  (UR Friday Stressed Out Punk/HC Edition)
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        Ancient Filth - Acknowledge (1:05)
        Government Flu - Government Flu - Random Acts (1:13)
        Dismantle - Dog on a Chain (1:18)
        Low Charge - Shut In (1:24)
        Born Low - Nature Of The Business (2:39)
        Stop Breathing - THE EYE (1:58)
        Oblivionation - Poston (2:59)
        A//Political - Idealised Attraction (1:15)
        DEAD//BEAT - Configured (0:49)
        Skarpretter - Problem (1:08)
        Last Crusade - Morally Bankrupt (2:50)
        Last Crusade - Cycle Of Terror (2:05)
        Boston Strangler - Forward Into Hell (1:22)
        SNØB - Snob (2:55)
        Vigilante - Quality Of Life (1:37)
        Pain Tolerance - Say Goodbye (1:39)
        Pain Tolerance - Convince Yourself (1:23)
        New Vision - Where it Ends (0:41)
        New Vision - Eye to Eye (0:56)
        Saccage - Milice Anti-Police Calice (1:50)
        Assrash - After Work (1:36)
        consume - led astray (2:09)
        Slang - Amid The Raw Pain (1:24)
        Deathrace - deathrace / suicidum (1:37)
        Dirty Power Game - Ghigliottine In Piazza San Pietro (3:58)
        Extinction Of Mankind - multi media (2:36)
        Mefitica - Suicidium (1:48)
        Hangover Overdose - Pakko Saada (0:58)
        Elizabeth - Danger (1:54)
        xTOMMYLASORDAx - Strike Out (0:26)
        xTOMMYLASORDAx - Bad Call (0:36)
        Necklacing - Chemical (0:15)
        Necklacing - Icepick (0:46)
        Arms Race - Hang the Scum (1:16)
        Arms Race - Kill the Bill (1:03)
        aladar - Napról Napra (0:38)
        aladar - Yolocaust (0:25)
        HATAD - BORGARE (1:33)
        SNØB - Omega Man (1:16)
        Fury - Royalty (1:36)
        Black September - Creation of Chaos (4:32)
        Hellshock - The Darkness Will Endure (4:13)
        Guided Cradle - Systems Survivors (4:00)
        Crow - Traitors (3:14)
        WARPATH la gloria di dio (4:04)
        Fury - End Is Nigh (It's Time) (2:45)
        HATAD - DOM ÄR POLITIKER (1:17)
        Dirty Work - Shit-Eating Grin (0:23)
        Old Lines - Remote Controlled (1:01)
 Kaliya- Left For Dead (1:41)
        Culto del Cargo - Il Seme del Problema (1:46)
        KRAOST - Lososi (1:43)
        jesus bruiser - human scum (4:08)
        Mørkt Kapittel - Lenka te håpet (2:31)
        MDD - Self Inducted Warfare (4:27)
        aladar - Exploitation (0:18)
        SCOD - Gao Caca (1:21)
        Death Trap - Död levande (0:56)
        False Flag Attack - Animal (1:06)
        Ground - Minimal Effort (0:51)
        CAVE STATE - Rival Tribe (0:34)
        Gaz-66 - enough (1:20)
        Tinnitus - File (1:17)
        MALADJUSTED - loathing (0:28)
        Human Cull - Entombed By Progress (0:48)
        E123 -  ŽáÔá çá éáÞÒ üÑß»Ñþ¡«ßÔý (2:20)
        The Sinners - I Can't Dance To It ! (2:15)
        Old Lines - Kneelers (2:16)
        el hambre - Valkiria (2:02)
        Kaliya - Altered By The Mind Of Another (2:20)
        Dirty Work - Bloody Concrete (1:00)
        HATAD - PLÅGERIET (1:00)
        Jack - Öngyilkos Társadalom / Suicidal Society (0:48)
        Sakatat - Adim Adim Elerki (1:25)
        Human Trade - Picked Apart (0:53)
        Stheno - Carnage (1:01)
        Crutch - Moldhopper (0:19)
        Trepan' Dead - Energy War (1:20)
        ATARA - Hang Them (1:16)
        SCOD - Blackland Hospital (1:13)
        Abortion - Stay With Us (0:45)
        Barking Orders - Hating Fags Is Gay (0:44)
        Filthy Charity - From the filth of your charity (1:36)
        Scumguts - Lunar Grin (1:47)
        Backstabbers Incorporated - Until The Maggots Come To Carry Us Home (0:39)
        Aerosols - On the Floor (0:30)
        Abortion - Fuck Your Reunion (1:12)
        Mindless - Vow To Sterilize (0:42)
        Abjured - Society (0:56)
        440 - Void of Shit (0:53)

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Oh man. Oh man we are ready today! Lets do this! Time to get rid of the stress with Ungovernable Resistance Punk/HC edition! Now on air on Brutal Existence Radio.

Featured today: grindcore, crust grind, hc punk, hardcore, straight edge hc, crust, nyhc, metallic hc, power violence, fastcore, & more! Noise!!!!!

Tune in now!

   (UR Friday Stressed Out Punk/HC Edition)
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UR-BER-17-11-14 PT2

Featured in this episode: dm, brutal dm, thrash, black, doom, & more

  The Skull - Send Judas Down (4:49)
        CADAVERIA - The Soul That Doesn't Sleep (3:43)
        From Beyond - The Dead Still Ride (3:18)
        OLDE - Perimeter Walk (3:56)
        Atomikylä - Erkale (8:23)
        Manilla Road - Out of the Abyss (3:31)
        Possessor - Land of the Minotaur (2:44)
        Nervochaos - Betrayed (2:47)
        Nekrost - All My Hate (4:34)
        Dissorted - Bloodshed Divine (4:47)
        Swarm of Eyes - Endless Ashes (5:01)
        Logistic Slaughter - War Machine (4:21)
        Incinerating Propheciess - Praying To The Void (2:58)
        Astrakhan - Blinded by the Diamond Planet (7:25)
        The Rut - Bombs: The American Dream (2:46)
        V-Anger - About World (2:27)
        Rigor Mortis - Flesh For Flies (3:36)
        The Skull - Till The Sun Turns Black (4:11)
        Greenleaf - Humans (4:29)
        Kantamus - Olen aivoton (5:11)
        HORNED ALMIGHTY - Of Flesh And Darkness (4:14)
        Undergang - Kogt I Blod (5:33)
        Bloodbath - Beyond Cremation (4:40)
        Deiphago - Heretic Oath (2:35)
        Legacy - Read Within The Blood (4:30)
Depths of Depravity - Noisless Room (5:08)
Legacy - Let The Slaughter Begin (4:12)
Sidious - Revealed in profane splendour (6:37)
Amon Amarth - North Sea Storm (4:55)
        Unleashed - If They Had Eyes (3:52)
Sufferage - Martyrs Birth (3:12)
Human Mincer - Putrefact Agony (3:26)
CADAVERIA - Out Loud (3:22)
        Barbarity - Freakology (2:36)
        Nader Sadek - Entropy Eternal (4:21)
Nader Sadek - Descent (7:40)
        Vanhelgd - May the Worms Have Mercy on My Flesh (5:20)
        Absence Of The Sacred - Recesses Of The Hollow (3:46)
Centaurus - Arson (4:33)
        Decimation - Ghoulish Requiem for a Macabre (4:31)
Deathchain - Our Lady Under The Earth (7:13)
Relics Of Humanity - Immortally Dethroned (3:04)
        Thanatos - Infestation Of The Soul (5:13)
Thanatos - The Demonized Minority (4:09)
Nihilistikrypt - Perpetum Cruoris (2:51)
Bloodbath - His Infernal Necropsy (3:35)
Anasarca - I Will Not Be Broken (3:02)
Upon Infliction - Intelligence Is Blasphemy (4:30)
        Purgatory - Of Reverence And Ruin (3:38)
                Execration - Queen Amongst The Wolves (2:37)

Interview with Endless Recovery done by Patrick on 11-19-14

Metal  Hails!
We  have  a  new   Interview  for  you  all today  it  is  the  band  Endless  Recovery  a  very  promising  Greeke thrash  metal  band   definitely  worth  a  listen  if  you  are  a  fan  of  fast  as  lightning  thrash metal. The  band  has  recently  released  a  new  7inch  titled  "Resistant Bangers" through  Witches  Brew  records.  and  is  also  working  on  new  material  so  keep  your  eyes  open.
keep  watching  the  web-zine  new  reviews  and  interviews  coming  up  soon

Interview   with   Endless  Recovery   done   by   Patrick

1.Metal   Hails!!  when  did  the  members  of  Endless Recovery  first  meet? What  is  the  current  line  up  of  the  band?

Infernal hails and thanks for giving us the chance to say a few things about the band. Endless Recovery, were formed in 2011 by Michalis Moatsos (drums) who is the only original member left in the band. The current line-up consists of:
Michalis Skliros- Vocals
Tassos Papadopoulos- Guitars
Giorgos Skourtaniotis- Guitars
Panayiotis Alikaniotis- Bass
Michalis Moatsos- Drums

2.For  the  readers  who   have  never   heard     Endless  Recovery   how  would  you   describe  the  music?

Well, if we had to describe our music we would say that it's totally recommended to those who like their thrash fast, filthy and raw. We are five wasted guys who worship the 80's thrash metal especially the teutonic scene. So we guess that if someone is into those kind of things he will like our music.

3.  Endless  Recovery   is  getting  ready  to   release  their  new  7inch "Resistant  Bangers"  through  Witches  Brew  Records  how  did the  band  come in  contact  with  this  label?

When we took the decision to record 2 new songs for a 7'' release we contacted some labels to release it including Witches Brew. Cheryl responded positively and an offer was made. Knowing that Witches Brew is a really good label which counts many and good releases we instantly came to an agreement. So, the 7'' was released on the 16th of July and has been going pretty well.

4.How  long  did  it  take  the  band  to  write  the  songs  for  this release?  Does  the   whole  band  work  on  new   music  or  does  one  member usually  write  everything?

Well our drummer Michalis Moatsos lives now in London Uk so for this release we worked in a totally different way than usual recording parts of the songs on our computers till we finished the composition etc. Till this release almost everything was written by guitarist Tasos Papadopoulos but this changed with the coming of Giorgos Skourtaniotis who also helps when it comes to composing new material. In general though, every band member brings ideas at the studio. The two songs of the 7'' were written in a different period of time during rehearsals. I think it took like 3-4 rehearsals for each song to be finished.

5.Who   usually   writes  the  lyrics  for  the  band? What  are  some topics/subjects  you  all write   about?

On our debut LP Thrash Rider all the lyrics were written by Michalis Moatsos who together with Michalis Skliros writes all the lyrics. The main theme of our lyrics are the social and political issues that we face every day as individuals as well as harsh criticism towards the corrupted political world. Other lyrical subjects we write about are various aspects of death like the afterlife for example, serial killers and various forms of madness. Last but not least we write lyrics about our devotion for metal music in general...

6.How   has  the  response   been  from  the  fans? What  about   the  press?

The response from the fans has been amazing! We would like to thank every thrashing maniac out there who has supported us by buying our releases or by raging at one of our shows. Same thing can be said for the press especially after the Resistant Bangers 7'' release . We have done a couple of interviews and you can find lots of reviews for the 7'' online. We are also going to be included in the next issue of a really killer magazine (can't say more for now...)

7.Does   Endless  Recovery   play  "live"  very  often  or  do  you  all  prefer to  work  in  the  studio? Are  their  any  tours  or  shows  planned  for "Resistant  Bangers"?
We really like working and recording new tunes in the studio but we LOVE playing live and we try to play as much as we can. We did a release show for the 7'' on the 14th of September in Athens together with our maniac friends from Slaughtered Priest. We have another show planned again in Athens on the 3rd of January supporting the mighty Greek Death Metal legends Death Courier. We are also planning some future shows outside of Athens/Greece but nothing is confirmed yet. About the touring, for sure we would love to tour but being a Greek underground Thrash band is a huge obstacle to achieve that....

8.Who  are  some  bands  you  all  have  shared  the  stage  with?  If  you  could  set  up  a  dream  tour who  are  some  bands {past  or  present}  you  would   love  to  share  the  stage  with?

We have shared the stage with many of the best underground Greek bands as well as Deceptorn(UK ) and Enfocer (Swe). If we could set up a dream tour with past bands it would certainly be with the unholy German Thrash trinity (Sodom, Kreator, Destruction), Bonded By Blood era Exodus, early Slayer, Razor and of course Iron Maiden and Judas Priest but that's a tough question isn't it? Some of our favourite present bands that we would love to share the stage with are Antichrist, Deathhammer, Nekromantheon, Ranger, Amulet, Black Trip, Morbus Chron and our insane Portuguese brothers in arms Midnight Priest and Inquisitor and Slovenian maniacs Vigilance.

9.I  believe  I  read  on  your  site  that  you  all are  currently  writing the   second  full  length  cd. How  many  songs  are  you  all  planning  on having on the  new  cd?  Will  Witches Brew  release  it  or  have you  all discussed  it  yet?

Yeah that's true we have begun composing the material for our second full length album but distance between the band members makes that difficult to go fast even though the first samples sound really good! This time we are planning to compose a big number of songs and then choose which songs we will include in the album so we can't answer this question yet. The album will be released again from Witches Brew as they showed interest in releasing that too and we are really glad for their help, hard work and dedication to what they do!

10.In  your  opinion   what  is  the  best  and  worst   thing  about   the underground  scene today?  And  what  does  the   term  Underground  metal  mean to  you ?

Well this is a really general question as the underground scene in Greece is a lot different than the underground scene in almost any other place of the world haha. But we are going to answer in a national level. Firstly, there are many good things in the underground scene today so we can't decide what's best. It's awesome that there are still so many people out there keeping the flame alive and being so devoted to the music they love. In addition to that there are so many killer bands that come out constantly which is really positive. On the other hand, something that we as a band and of course as fans don't like with the underground scene of today is that many fake people and trends have become part of it. There are many wannabe ''retro'' fake posers out there, many promoters who are in only for the money etc. It is pathetic to judge a band by how many spikes and chains they wear and how many beers they can drink.... The term Underground metal is really hard to explain with just a few words. For us it's kind of a way of life and determines almost everything we do as a band and us individuals. Reading  the lyrics of the song Predefined Life from the 7'' you can tell a lot about our views on this term....

11. Endless  Recovery   comes  out  of   Greece's   metal   scene  What  is your   opinion   of  the  Greek  metal  scene?

Greek metal scene has many pros and cons. For example a negative aspect of the Greek scene is that many people actually don't care about listening to new stuff and just ''chew'' on what the promoters, press etc. feed them. They prefer seeing live the same bands again and again and mostly care about ''reunions'' of ''dinosaur'' bands that have nothing to offer and nothing to do with the genre. Other than that and the stupid Greek mentality that unfortunately many people in the metal scene have there are many good bands as well and of course many great shows and fans and promoters/labels.

12.Who   are  your  all-time   favorite   Greek  metal  bands? Are  their  any new   bands  you  feel  the  readers   should  check  out?

Beside some exceptions like Flames, old Rotting Christ (especially the Thy Mighty Contract album) etc. most of our all- time favorite Greek Metal bands are new ones. Here are some bands the readers should definitely check out (pay attention some highly recommended stuff here!!!): Overcast, Mentally Defiled, Released Anger, Sacral Rage, Convixion, Wrathblade, Strikelight, Demolition Train, Noise Disorder, Speedrush, Raw Poison, Chainsaw, Steamroller Assault, Revenge, Slaughtered Priest, Necrochakal, Death Trap, No Flame Candle, Dead Congregation, Embrace of Thorns, Necrovorous, Nightbreed, Dark Nightmare, Ravencult, Menace, Carnal Dread to name some.

13.Are   any  of the  members   of   Endless  Recovery   currently  playing  in  side  bands?   If  yes  please  tell  the  readers  a  little  about  them?

Our singer Michalis sings in a Death/Black-Thrash band called Death Trap (for fans of the extreme metal of the 80's- early 90's) and they have released a 7'' and have an upcoming split released with American thrash maniacs Evil Army. Giorgos also plays in a N.W.O.B.H.M styled heavy metal band Fyrecross and they are currently finishing the recordings of their first demo. Michalis Moatsos and Panayiotis Alikaniotis are planning some new musical projects in the not so distant future as well...

14.Thank  you   for  taking  the  time  to  fill   out   this  interview  do  you  all  have  any final  comments   for  the  readers before  we end the  interview?

First of all we would to thank the maniacs behind this zine for this great interview (Primitive Ways is a really cool name by the way).....Other than that, we would like to let everyone know that we are growing stronger and to stay tuned to our updates as soon we'll have more details concerning our second album. Till then listen to Endless Pain at lethal volume...Soon we'll spread some thrashing mayhem near you..CRUSH THOSE WHO DENY THE PRIMITIVE ROOTS!

To  order  the  7inch  go  to  the  witches  brew  Web-site

Endless  Recovery   web-sites

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Mear One Today Live On Planet Resistance Radio! (Talk Radio)

We have rescheduled our epic Mear one interview for Nov. 16th (sunday) 4pm EST on Planet Resistance Show (Planet X Radio) 

 Today @ 4pm-7pm Eastern (US) we are joined by Mear One, who is a major leading  graffiti artist. 

"I am a storyteller, a thinker, and I use paint to express my thoughts first and foremost. I am a sculptor, a writer, and a lover of the experience that is life. Join me on my journey." Mear One.

Tune in from 4pm-7pm Eastern (US)




  (UR Friday Stressed Out Punk/HC Edition)
Tune in every Friday on @ 9pm-12am UK, 10pm-1am CET (Europe), 4pm-7pm Eastern (US), 5pm-8pm South America (Bra), 5am-8am Australia (West Coast), 3am-6am Indonesia/Hong Kong

Featured in this episode: crust, d-beat, crossover, hc punk, hc

bluntshit - Revenge of Stench (3:17)
        Civil Disobedience - Last Supper (2:15)
  Convince - 04 (2:42) (no track listings)
        Deviated Instinct - Thorn in Your Flesh (4:56)
        Gloomster - Stock im Arsch (2:25)
        Ideocrime - Aprenda a se submeter (1:43)
        Life And Death - objeto de nadie (2:34)
        Nis - Scenario Insensato (1:58)
        Pliant - Sickened (1:00)
        Shovelhead - Abandon (2:21)
        Uncurbed - Trousers & Junk-UNC (1:44)
        Uncalm - Belly Crawl (2:37)
        VIKTIMS - JRTC (3:05)
        Versklaven - Devil's Heart (3:46)
        Backlash - Straitjacket (0:40)
        Brutal Knights - Gonna Stay In (1:43)
        Internal Damage - near yuor house (1:17)
        Crippled Fox - Till The End (0:37)
I am Become Death -  Stag (1:06)
        Limits - Cycle (1:05)
        MxDxH - Nada (1:14)
        New Brigade - Unheard (0:33)
        New Brigade - Stand Alone (0:55)
        SOM-57 - Hard choice (0:33)
        SOM-57 - Something is wrong (0:34)
        SUICIDE PACT MUSIC - Pathetic (0:16)
        SUICIDE PACT MUSIC - Fatal Vein (0:34)
  Thanatology -  La Compania de Barberos Cirujanos (1:30)
        The Carnival - Syntyma (2:50)
        Seizure - Orange Apple (2:08)
        sScab - Pool Of Piss (0:43)
        Bombnation - Pissed Off to Listen to Pop (0:59)
        Ataque de Tubarão - I am Chewbacca (0:55)
        power is poison - ram the bastards (1:12)
        TEEF - Regret (1:03)
        Bad America - Failure (2:11)
        BACK OFF!! - War...Of What? (0:57)
        Bored Straight - Steven's Anxiety Song (0:43)
        Cheap Disguise - Despise (1:21)
        Correction - Shamed or Honored (1:54)
        Eaten Raw - Head Off (1:38)
        Ego Trip - Tamed (0:22)
        Ends Meet - Steer Clear (1:40)
        Free At Last - Think Again (0:59)
        Hashed Out - Dust Mites (1:14)
        Side Two - Neutralize Me (1:22)
        Hard Stripes - Copout (1:55)
        Feeding Chain - Loathe (2:03)
        ILL CONTENT - Self Extinction (1:33)
        King Of Pigs - Put Me On Your Blacklist (0:47)
        BRING TO RUIN - Resentment (3:14)
        Shin - Edge of Reason (2:02)
 Stick Together - Let Me Live (1:41)
        World War 4 - Leech (1:28)
        Spiknykter - Döda Politikers Sällskap (1:08)
        Violent Outburst - Self-Execution (2:12)
        Western Addiction - Black Salt (2:26)
        Violent Reaction - Stomped Out (1:27)
        Snøb - Exploit Me (1:15)
        Silent Authority - Lawless (1:33)
        Low Charge - No Time (1:55)
        Permanent Ruin - Sad History (0:53)
        lovechild - Post-Traumatic Apathy (0:57)
        nervvrak - I Don't Wanna Work (1:09)
        Perfume River - p.o.w. (0:59)
        RAD (US) - I'm An Adult (0:14)
        RAD (US) - This Is Not A Final War (0:31)
        Bastard Deceiver -  No Anesthesia (1:04)
        C.R.A.C.K - Perspectivas Sombrias (1:25)
        Crutches - Arbetarjävel (1:36)
        Disräpe - Stoned to Death (2:28)
ENEMY SOIL - evolution (0:59)
        Filthpact - Sweet Poison (1:37)
        Koward - Only The Dead (1:19)
        WORDS - Ligeramente enamorado del diablo (1:43)
        Left for Dead - Feeding Tube (0:46)
        M:Pati - Frihetsberövad (2:10)
        Warvictims - Domedagsprofetian (1:22)
        Nightfall - Taste Of Death (1:13)
        Nuclear Death Terror - At The Altars Of The Gods (2:21)
        Perdition - Consuming Humanity (1:37)
        SEX DWARF -Arbetslinjen (1:06)
        skeleton - development of the bastard (0:40)
        Terror Defence - Jawbreaker (2:33)
        Audio Kollaps - Irrenhaus (2:23)
        Chainsaw Sex Vikings - Bow to your being (1:46)
Dislodge - Toecutter's Demise (2.47)
Aüralskit - Hata Utan Anledning (2.24)
 Coelacanth - In the Ashes (3:05)

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PXR President Update 9 (Tablet of Destiny LP, F.E.M.A, Omega LP)

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Ungovernable Resistance 'Stressed Out' Punk edition now on air on Brutal Existence Radio.

4pm-7pm Eastern (US)/9pm-12am UK/10pm-1am Europe (CET). 

Featured today: hc punk, crust, stenchcore, d-beat, crossover, hardcore, & more songs from my forth coming xmas album. 1. 

Tune in on:

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