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Interview with Hadez done by Patrick on 1-30-15

Metal  Regards
Here is  a  new  interview  I received  back  from the  Peruvian  death metal  band  Hadez  who  have  been  in the  scene  since the  mid 80's  so  they  know their  metal.  If you  enjoy  straight forward  death metal  similar to  the  early to  mid 90's  you  will  love this  band so  check  them  out  today  and  keep  supporting  underground  music 

Interview  with  Hadez  done  by   Patrick

1.Metal  hails   Hadez   I  believe  the  band  first  started  out  in  1986  What  gave  you  all the  idea  to  form  Hadez? What was the line up back then?

Scharack:  infernal hails Patrick, thanks for the support to the band it’s so appreciated, not many zines send us interviews, I think that we are a very UG band with a different way, no typical and cliché clone band. Hahaha.
Agressor: Hell.o to all crazy bangers into the UG way! And thanks for the support!!! Metal on!!!

2.Hadez  broke  up  in   1994  why  did  the  band  break  up? 

 Agressor: the only reason was the treason, the vocalist at that era tried to take over the band and wanted to pretend that the composer was full Aquelarre album. He published it in the credits of CD. That scum traveled to Norway using the band name. I was disappointed by this and I take a time to think. But the music never dies!!!

3.Hadez  re-formed  in  1998  why  did  the   band  decide  to  reform  after the  years  apart? How  do  you  all  feel  the  music  has  changed  over  the  years? Is  this  the  same  line-up  frome  the  90's  or   have  you  all added some  new  members?

Agressor: Yes, in that time of 4 years of band silence, I composed new tracks for the Even If You Die a Thousand Times album, also I know to the new guys for the band as Walter Crucifier (Guitars) and Frank Silence (Bass), the drummer OADM played in the ’94 and never lost contact with me; finally on vocals was the return of Ron King. We played some shows with.
But in the recording sessions Ron King left the band. After that Jose Moron (Dios Hastio – Peruvian Hard Core Crust band) joined the band as vocalist. The music changes its for the new members, they played in other way, more professional, and also we has better instruments and sound stuff. The feeling it’s the same all these years!!!

4. Hadez   released their newest  cd   "Morituri Te  Salutant"  through the  U.S  label  Paragon Rec.  how  did  you  all  come  in  contact  with  Mike  and  Paragon?

 Scharack: Mike is a best old friend, make many trades before Paragon Recs vs Pentagram Recs (my label with Oskar The Mutilator - Hadez drummer). I’m looking for a label to release the new album send promos and emails to many UG labels and the quickly answer of Mike is the best reason to work with him. And the time offered for editing in just four months, was what influenced our decision. In another label we would have easily waited one year. I respect to Paragon Recs and make a great work with the Morituri Te Salutant CD version.   

5.How  long  did  it take  to  write  and   record  the  new  cd   "Morituri Te  Salutant" ?  Does the  whole  band  take  part  in  the  writing  or  does  one or two  members  write  everything?

Agressor: The songs selection, composed and presentation is worked by all members, the recording process if you can get a bit long but as Agressor has his studio were not pressed with things like time. But I think we should make things a little faster lol. We work in this album two years. 

6.Does  Hadez  ever  play  live  very  often  or  do  you   prefer to  work  in  the   studio? Who  are  some  bands  you  have  shared  the  stage  with?

Agressor: yeah the rock music it’s created for live play!!! And metal music its created to play in hell to maximum volume all the time!!!

Scharack: live shows are the best place for the metal music. We enjoyed playing live in front of mutants possessed jajaja… I remember play with Malevolent Creation, Possessed, Agathocles, Nargaroth,… play with Possessed and our bastard friends of Ejecutor (Chile), a nightmare came true!!!

7.Are their any  tours/shows  coming  up  in  2015   that  the   readers  should  watch  out  for?  Has the band ever  gotten  to  play  outside  of  Peru? 

Agressor: We have for this year many tour projects as Colombian tour, Brazilian Tour and Europe Tour. But we don’t have a real live promoter for that. Work very hard on it.
I think important part of maintaining a band is playing live, this is a law to me; interacting with the public is insane. I respect to the real headbangers so much. We are always available to play and if we receive an invitation and that does not report economic losses we did not think twice and got on the bus, airplanes, boats, horses, jajajaja.

8.In  your   opinions  what  is  the  best  and  worst   thing  about  the  underground  metal  scene? And what does Underground Metal mean to  you?

Scharack: I think people that stays within the metal in a serious way, providing, creating and supporting with the sum of them can still speak of a scene; stay underground is also a fundamental part to the existence of a scene. With a handful of bands, zines, labels and bangers can make a solid and respected scene, not necessarily have to be thousands peoples to be considered a better scene. I ask the readers of this zine that are real with themselves and not be hovering in the metal just to be seen as the most extreme dose or giving false Satanism his turbulent teenage years. 

Agressor: For me Underground it’s a lifestyle, honor, loyalty and camaraderie is the rule to follow! No posers please!!!

9.I  believe  some of the  members  of the  band  started  up  "Pentagram Rec"  when  did  you  all  get  the  idea  to  form  the  label? What  are  some  things  you  look  for  when  signing and releasing a   band?

Scharack: It is hard work no doubt about it, someone had to do and we take the reins of this, because we believe that this will keep or give to that aura of scene and take you to be in total bankruptcy hahaha. I really hope that does not happen lol. Store sales are moderate enough to pay the bills and keep release new titles, we also sell to other cities of the country and abroad for the webstore. All day long we were visited by people from domestic and foreign bands that are on tour (as Hirax, Faith or Fear, Rotting Christ, Luciferian, Abrahel, Cauchemar, Mystifier, Ejecutor, U.Kulten, Mortal Sin, Naer Mataron, Abaddon Incarnate), zines editors, owners of labels that come to make trades (as comrades Dunkelheit Germany) and some other bangers from abroad. Good times accompanied by some nice cold beers and this always meeting new people, so we can see some future more in this war are passed.
Our releases are with Peruvian bands into the real UG only. Band as Putrid, Kay Pacha, Offensor, Throne of the Fallen, Deicidios, are really UG good stuff… 

10.What  are  some  of  your  current-releases  for  the  underground fans to  buy? Are  their  any  new  releases  coming  in  2015 that you  can  tell the readers about? Do  you  only  release  stuff  on  cd's  or  do  you  all  release  on  vinyl  and  cassette tapes  as  well?

Scharack: of course Morituri Te Salutant CD, will be available in a few weeks the tape version under the  bolivian label Rawblackult. Also we have some t-shirts strictly limited to 30 or 50 copies. And we have some copies of the Guerreros de la Muerte Boxset 3x LP vinyl (released by Nuclear War Now) and Aquelarre vinyl re-edition 2013 by Tahuantinsuyo Recs.
All stuff may be found on Pentagram Recs store and website.
Agressor: next stuff are a split 7EP with Ejecutor (Chile)!!!

11.Besides  Hadez  and the  label  are  any  of the  members  currently  working  with    side-bands? If  yes  please  tell the  readers  about  them.

Scharack: I’m in Nahual (guitar player), Diabolous666 (vocals / bass), and in another bands into the UG way… 666% metal all the time!

Agressor: I´m in Ergo a covers band with 80’s hits from English and Spanish bands. Rock and roll way. Deep Purple covers includes in the set list.

12.Hadez comes  out   of  Peru's  metal  scene  what  are  your  thoughts  on  the  metal  scene  in   Peru?

Scharack: Is not the best but has good bands. Not many people but the bangers are very devoted to the UG darkness.

Agressor: If you think come and see our scene will not be disappointed. Here's seriously involved people are the best.

13.Who  are  your   all-time   favorite  Peruvian  bands?  Are  their  any  new  bands  you   feel  the  readers  should  check  out?

Scharack: Of course Mortem is the best, great friends! Must pay attention to Putrid (Peru), that band is really good and has a great morbid sound!!! Also Vlad and Grave Desecration!!!
Agressor: Peruvian old bands from 70’s as Los Saicos, Los York’s, are really good bands. Listen to them… and from this time listen and support to Nahual, Rito Profanatorio and Putrid. 

14.Well  Hadez   we  have  reached  the   end  of  the   interview  do  you   all have  any   final  comments  for  the   readers?

Agressor: Thanks a lot for the support! Write us, we are interested in having contact with the bangers around the world, we respond to all.

Scharack: see you in hell… Greetings to all who kept alive the UG!!!

Hadez contact:

Paragon Records  contacts
The new  Official Facebook  page {Please do  not  send order requests  or  anything to the facebook page this  for  news  on the  label  and their  bands only}


More information @



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"TFLDPR" Preview Album Sampler 2


NO PRODUCTION or FEATURE DETAILS to be released at this time.

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Featured in this episode: Special host new Sith Lord Kylo Ren to chat about using force mosh, Thrash, Death Thrash, DM, Brutal DM, Slam, Blackened DM, Old School DM, Crossover. 

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UR-BER-26-1-15 PT1
UR-BER-26-1-15 PT2

        The Haunted - My Salvation (4:02)
        Trigger - Agony of the Dead (3:32)
        Nuclear Assault - Fractured Minds (3:59)
        Lifetime Shitlist - Black Iron Prison (2:35)
        Abrekadaver - Sons Of Hatred (2:29)
        Beneath - Storm Drainer (4:55)
        Ade - Pro Aliqua Roma Vitam Profundere (5:32)
        Act of Gods - Equations to the dead (3:49)
        Gama Bomb - Space Invaders (2:49)
        Damned Creed - Enemies Among Us (2:56)
        Gorilla Troops - Inu eather (4:44)
        Dr. Living Dead! - Life Sucks (2:30)
        Carnal Decay - Taste The Knuckles (4:09)
        Abominable Putridity - Wormhole Inversion (2:58)
        Carnivore Diprosopus - The Torment Era (3:09)
        Ezophagothomia - When Earth Will Be Tired Of Us (5:16)
        The Haunted - My Enemy (1:00)
        BornBroken - Reborn From The Ashes (4:18)
        Ascendancy - Turning of Malice (4:46)
        BAT - Code Rude (2:49)
        Dajjal - Putus Urat Syaraf (3:03)
        Siksakubur - Dewa Yang Terluka (4:17)
        Hour Of Penance - Fall of the Servants (3:20)
        Depraved - Distress (2:28)
        FAST DEATH - Dogs Running (2:13)
        Ironhawk - Nightmare Remains (2:57)
        Nursing Home Stalkers - Snippity doo dahhh (1:52)
        Municipal Waste - Standards and Practices (3:01)
        Mobile Deathcamp - It Is So (2:56)
        Sufferage - Cadaver Evolution (3:48)
        Grind Inc. - Decimate (4:18)
        Obscure Infintiy - The uttermost descend (4.28)
        Mortis Dei - Sick Mind (3:46)
        Mutilation Rites - Blood Will Tell (4:05)
        Nihilistikrypt - Hydrogenic Mutants (3:28)
        Device - Welcome (3:18)
        Nepente - GRAY LAND (4:47)
        Immolation - Swallow the Fear (4:40)
        Cattle Decapitation - Lifestalker (4:14)
        Dictated - Stonebreakers Rising (2:59)
        Internal Bleeding - In The Absence Of Soul (3:52)
        Abhorrent Castigation - The Tree of Knowledge (3:15)
        Placenta Powerfist - Recurring Cauterization (2:56)
        Andromorphus Rexalia - Mundus Imaginalis (3:43)
        Infecting The Swarm - Unknown (3:41)
        Relics Of Humanity - There Is No Salvation In Divine Eyes (3:47)
        Exhumed - Deathmask (2:38)
        Bodyfarm - Tombstone Crusher (4:02)
        Cryptborn - In the Grasp of the Starving Dead (4:59)
        Pathology - Below the Root (3:26)
        Skull Collector - The Skullcollection (4:11)
        The Infinite Within - Dissolve in Cosmic Wrath (5:35)
        Napalm Death - Bloodless Coup (2.32)
        Apoc Death - World Of Shit (4:15)
        Foul Stench - The Drip (1:33)
        Illdisposed - A Dreaded Pursuer (4:35)
        Master - Guide Yourself (3:58)
        Entombed A.D. - Digitus Medius (6:00)

Tuesday, 27 January 2015


Yesterday's metal show and play list will be posted tomorrow. I also will be posting some new movie reviews soon.


 I just read an article about a super sized Saturn, which was discovered. The full article and further information can be viewed at this link:

Fantastic Four | Official Teaser Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX

 I'm going to be honest I never enjoyed the original Fantastic 4 movies, which were a little wacktastic, but this doesn't appear to be much better. I will go see it and review it when its released so it maybe ok when its released. 


Saturday, 6pm
Bring your friends, bring your crew, bring family


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